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@Miscarriage : f_priestly's contest miscarriage stories

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Miscarriage : f_priestly's contest

@Miscarriage : f_priestly's contest

Title: MISCARRIAGE Characters: X-Reader, Jin, Suga Cabin setup* I hope you enjoy reading it!

MISCARRIAGE The shallow breaths that thee breathe From thy lover's suffocation, keeps you alive.

Ebony. His eyes. His eyes are as dark and as hollow as this ebony-walled cabin. Reflection. His eyes. I can see myself and perhaps a part of me reflecting in his eyes.

We are resting too close. I can smell his cologne. It's musky. I can feel my fluttering eyelashes touching his. Mine are wet and he is still sober. We are calm, we are happy, we aren't falling apart piece by piece.

{Ultraviolence and ultraviolet Infrared rays draining my soul Lilacs and lilies Ambrosial scent staining my soul } "Y/n please smile for me" requested Jin as he softly caressed her bottom lip.

''Smile?" "Hmm..." A plastic smile plastered her face. A tear rolled down her right cheek. He swiped it away with his thumb.

"Why are you doing this?" questioned Y/n. "Because I promised to never give up on us. On you." "We were promised a lot. But all we have now is suffering." "No, Y/n. We have each other. Tell me we do, do it. Please."

"Yes Jin, we have each other. But is it enough?" Saying this Y/n rolled out of bed and called her brother, Suga. "Hyung, please pick me up after an hour." "Sure. But please take care of yourself." "Hmm." Disconnected the call~

Jin pleaded, "Y/n we can make this work. I will fix it. We just need some time." "For the last time Jin, I'm not a broken barbie. Don't treat me like one of your patients. I'm your wife, not a new project for you to experiment on." "I didn't mean that. You know it."

"Know what Jin? What?" "You know I can't live without you. Please don't end this." "Heaven's sake, give me a break. Don't you dare make this about yourself again." Y/n started packing her bags while Jin stood there still.

"I'm sorry, Y/n," Jin fell on knees, " I'm sorry for not being there for you when you needed me the most. I'm sorry for everything."

"Sorry? Will it bring my baby back? Will it prevent me from having a miscarriage a week before my delivery? Will your 'sorry' bring back the life I had nurtured in my womb for over eight months. Can you go back and prevent the incessant bleeding, can you fix the asphyxiation, can you stop my insanity, can you burn my memories, can you capture the shame and lock it away, can you end the suffocation?" -----

" Can you kill me too?" "Jin looked at Y/n with horror. He couldn't handle all this. All at once." Y/n continued, "Jin, you remind me of the worst and the best thing that ever happened to me. Every time I see you, I want to end my existence"

She walked over to Jin, "How do you want me to go about it?" Jin hugged her. Held her closer and tighter than before. "Jinnie~ I can either run away, leave you or stay here and rot in our misery." Jin looked up with teary eyes. "Choose,"

No response. Y/n let go of Jin and picked up her bags. "Suga Hyung will be here any minute. I will get going. But we will talk it out later. Hopefully, this time with the lawyers and divorce papers."

Y/n turned around and left the building while Jin stood there still. As still as the baby which had died when he was out drinking in a bar.

Thanks for reading :)) ____________________________<<33

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