IN MOTHER'S EMBRACE~ For @daydreamer1107 's nature contest

For @daydreamer1107 's nature contest

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For @daydreamer1107 's nature contest

IN MOTHER'S EMBRACE~ For @daydreamer1107 's nature contest

For @daydreamer1107 's nature contest Prompt: The sea's foam Title: In Mother's Embrace I HOPE YOU LIKE IT :)) enjoy----------------------------->

IN MOTHER'S EMBRACE Resting underneath the pastel sky A concoction of pale clouds and dreamy mist Lying underneath the star-lit sky A solemn soul skitters to soft salvation

Running around in circles and tumbling over boulders An enchanted land entwined in beauty and serenity Living for the days of philosophers and nights of wanderers An artistic ardor aces it all

In the dark woodlands; surmounted wilderness Behind the ebonies and elms Amidst the strong earthly waft Into the vast hinterland

Stranded like a trail of shiny pearls Crystals and glass marbles Painting the greenery with bleached sheets Green mold and ferns

Cutting through brown caves and trenches Large rocks and gravel Stringing along like white and silver satin laces Glittering strings and threaded bands

Rising steam and thick vapor Lathery texture and frothy bubbles Giving way to an ambrosial scent The sea's foam; still fresh and clear

Rushing streams and flowing water Spattering and splashing Giving way to burbling and rumbling Loud but mellow

Creating a spitting image of the vivid scenery Emerging from the Satara city Leading you to the Thoseghar Waterfalls Then disappearing into the cold waters of Tarlee River

A perfect sanctuary for solitude laid profoundly in her arms Come and visit the loving embrace of mother nature ~ Thoseghar Falls, Maharashtra {a waterfall in WESTERN INDIA}


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