For@Seryna21's contest #myfirst(ever)poem
For@Seryna21's contest

#myfirst(ever)poem  her stories
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mermaid_motel Love the sound u make when u shut up :)
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My first (ever) poem...

For@Seryna21's contest #myfirst(ever)poem

Title: HER PT.1 THEME: MOMENTS For@Seryna21's contest *I hope you like it :)*

HER PT.1 Hands intertwined, we walk together Down the sideline, we talk together She speaks of her day, all the boys she turned down

I reek of dismay, it’s saddening when all that beauty goes to waste I encourage her to buzz em off and she says I’m the best help she has ever had If only I could tell her it’s not just friendship that bonds me to her

If only my stoic soul wouldn’t screech every time I see ‘some else’ taking my place next to her I so wish I can count on you, unlike others But God show mercy on my poor soul It doesn’t turn out as I expect

But you should know I try not to feel betrayed Cause I know it’s not your fault that you came across a broken, trodden heart I don’t blame you, not that I have the right to I can’t shame you as you might cry and you know I can’t stand them tears

But I wish if you would just know all about it Maybe then you would give me what I like A bit selfish I am, can’t help it darling, it’s just the habits of my psychedelic heart...

If only the situation was different, I would have told you But unfortunately, my admiration and affection can’t permanently mask the deep-rooted thoughts borne by this society Can’t change the way it works, now can I?

So I have decided, now I won’t cry, toss and turn helplessly I won’t do that anymore, nada I will just smile and laugh, scold and tease For I know that you ain’t mine to treasure

Thanks for reading --------------------------->>>> <3

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