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For the Mirror Musings Contest

Mirror Musings Contest

FOR THE CONTEST !! "Mirror Musings Contest'' - @in The prompt/theme: An element of my body/personality that I love or enjoy. -------------------------->>>>>>>> by @edgytillidie

LOOKING AT YOU ~ @edgytillidie <<<<33333333333 (Help me win the contest) For an interpretation of the poem, wait till the very end. I hope it is worth your time... Also, I have mentioned my response with respect to the theme for a better understanding.

LOOKING AT YOU ~ @edgytillidie Look at you, melting away to vapors The plastic and the wax clinging onto the last bits of 'you' Painting you in frenzy, porcelain white skin Like a statue remodeled from deformity, jet black hair

A feigning beauty like the wilting petals of daffodils and yellow buttercups The new beginnings reimbursed in an infectious childhood Special but vitiated to the satisfaction of their bland saturation

An abasement of different faces worn like hand-sewn masks Purple for prickling heartbreak Gold for dying radiance Red for blinding lust Pink for tawdry jealousy

But the most treasured, Her colorless soul Crumpled by the expectations of fairy lights and flying pixies A screaming childhood Birthed on her whims and guided by their generosity

Didn't she turn out to be 'just perfect?' Just how you desired Just how you built her, maybe even better Finally, As real as the stature which defines her boundaries As fake as her sugar dripping , words

Sullen and rustic, Decaying softly Die away in simmering fume Lie away in glimmers of boom

Cry for help and sob till the very end Feel the cosmetic dripping down your waxy skin Peel the plastic and tear apart your leathery skin Lathered in condiments and phony compliments

But alas It is burning up now, But don't you worry, For little dolls with broken strands and smudged mascara don't deserve to live, anyway So, off you go, off you go. ________________________________ The end

INTERPRETATION : This poem talks about how a girl is told by the society, her parents or her relatives etc. to be a certain way. She has to be pretty and thin. To please their blandness and to satisfy their hunger to control and mould, she used makeup, condiments and surgeries to decorate herself.

After all this, she is blamed for who she is and has become. She is judged and considered fake . She is criticized for what she represents. In the end, she admits defeat. All she can do is cry for her life and its sake. She does all this to make herself acceptable to the society's debaucherous minds.

To upgrade herself from a 2 to an 8 or a 9 on the scale of beauty standards set by society 's limitations. In the end all is gone and she is left alone to wallow in her sorrow .

The prompt/theme: An element of my body/personality that I love or enjoy. My respnse to the theme: I have learned not to be insecure and accept everything the way it is. I have started loving myself and focusing on becoming better. This is what I like the most about my personality.

THANK YOU SO MUCH ! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) <<<<<33333

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