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A poem painted by scarlet lust and crimson passion...

For @tarocutes's contest

Theme: ROMANCE Category: LOVE KILLS Prompt: It's not a fairytale anymore Title: HER LOVE RAN RED I hope you enjoy reading <3

HER LOVE RAN RED ~ When I stalked the length of my red fences You caught my eye You were walking among the roses laced on the vine Cherry lips and ample cheeks, "wanna make you mine,"

Looking at you how, baby you got me really high! From jumping around in pigtails and red skirts To dancing in the driveway A feisty treat for the 'strangers'

From running across the red fences To dryly meeting my gaze Look at the scarlet heart, all dolled up miss~missy Seeing you now, in your strawberry summer dress

Decorated with nerium oleanders, a sweetly scented poison Sipping you down like red wine, a pleasure of chastity and purity in every drop

I can feel a thousand capricious thoughts skittering through my head Would like to see you put on a show for me baby!

What a misery, I can't get enough of the young eye candy! But I won't disturb reality's essence Can't let the crimson passion and fiery hunger cloud my sensual sense

Bay~bee, I don't wanna be head over heels for damaged goods (it's just you) Bay~bee, I don't wanna be another 'stranger' who you got hooked ( it's never gonna be enough)

After some years~ "But how often can a novice be blamed when their innocence is taken away?" I think, all the while...

I watch you saunter away with unbuttoned shirts and stained skirts Hurried whispers and fading urges

"Welcome the femme fatale Mr.," they all say And in this moment all I can do I wonder about my nights Which were not so long ago snatched By your cherubic appearance and naive hinderance

But after some time, it got to me like The Snow White's poisoned apple got to her I only yearned for you when I couldn't have you But when you became the nation's rag doll I realised,

You were only an obsessive expectation I wanted to accomplish and keep around So that I could feel good about myself and reflect in you what I could never have; Your beauty, Your innocence and Your resilience.

At last it has dawned upon me, it's not paracosmic premise anymore But red cheeks and plump lips Were always made to kill How saddening it is, you turned out this way All the beauty wasted away on immoral nights and casual gateways

Though I say, It's not a fairy tale anymore But a relief, For I finally let go of the red eye candy...

THANKS FOR READING... _______________________________>>

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