For @tarocutes contest~
For @tarocutes contest~ baby stories

mermaid_motel Love the sound u make when u shut up :)
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A mother had to kill her child...

For @tarocutes contest

For @tarocutes contest~

For @tarocutes contest TOPIC: A Fake Heartbeat TITLE : MY CREATION Hope you like it! :)) ------------------------------------->

MY CREATION ~ Supple skin; Soft like pastels on a pale canvas Plump lips; Puckered like pink peaches Doe-eyed; Innocent like florals laced on the vines Tainted smiles; Twittering with life

A porcelain beauty My beauty, my creation My love, My heart, My baby.

Living on strifes of breath Resting in blind sights Writhing in meek sighs Living a lie, Life's a L.I.E Baby, your life's a l.i.e

Clasping your little fingers in my hands Casting warmth on my stained soul Scattering fever on my defiled womb Suffering more and more every time you blink

How selfish would I be if I let you live? How selfish would I be if I let you stay for a while, to keep myself alive? Only for a while, honey Only for a while.

For when you close your eyes I'll cease time and close my eyes I'll draw a hearty breath only to snatch yours I'll stab my heart to compensate for your fake heartbeat

I'll let you visit heaven's gates just once, only this time But I'll kill myself once, twice, thrice, and many more times...


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