For @seryna21's contest
For @seryna21's contest  for @seryna21's contest stories

mermaid_motel Love the sound u make when u shut up :)
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For @seryna21's contest

For @seryna21's contest

Prompt: something you are going through Ttile: Dandy Depression: A Separation HOPE YOU LIKE IT :)

Dandy Depression: A Separation ~ Sinking Alone, all alone Dancing on the edge of sheer insanity Dressed in soft frills and tattered patches Lusting in ivory, bloody ivory

Seeking glory, miserable but, still the glory! Galore the love lost to old bones, fragile, broken And always alone Sinking, still stringing to life

Drowning Drink, drink to numb, Numb to drink? Cut to the chase; it's all the same. Downing liquor, the sweet, sweet demise

Whiskey sour, too crass? Or would they prefer a glass of sophistication, red wine? Reminiscing clarity Attained paralysis Drowning, still downing

Who would have known; That diabolical depression Is the only apprehension Of my shallow extension Who would have claimed; That shallow extension Is the only comprehension Of my obsession

Now ain't this confession, Worth a dandy separation, Of repression and reparation?

THANKS FOR READING... ______________________________>>

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