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For @malcolm_pace's contest  sad stories

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This poem is about my constrained relationship with my mother, and how only one thing can put us both out of misery.


For @malcolm_pace's contest


HER FINE LINEN ~ You look pretty as you sit there still Faint and wilting away in the scorching light and white dust Stay there still, wearing your mother's favorite linen A resting radiance skitters to soft salvation

Hold onto the thin strands as it tangles between your fingers Tear away edges which hold you back Do it for the sake of our mother Cry for her, lie for her and rest for her

Soaked in tears and fabricated with relentless drabness Like studded pearls and satin ribbon on the fronts of its plunging neckline Pray for a silver lining in the fine-lined linen Twirl in small circles and dance away dramatically

You laugh eccentrically in your conned world of beauty and rage Hooked to the scene, you have put yourself in a movie You can shout and sing Mostly all you learned from her generosity

Rummage around and steal glances at her broken frames Exhaust the lights and sink in the pale moonlight Locked away in your heart forever is her nuanced reflection The one which called out to you, her and me in the last hour

Now, she left us all alone, but why do I feel trapped, still? Why can't I escape this 4-story floor and 9-bedroom apartment? A community built by my own blood and kin So many souls stuffed into a blessed oblivion

A home with shattered windows and broken hearts Stuck here forever, trapped in this cage It still holds me back, all three of us and maybe him But was it her twisted fate or cruel warmth which has us locked in?

All is gone, the anger and relief You were made to leave But in your final hour, you looked pretty Still, but pretty; Dressed in fine linen and pearls...

As we stepped forward for cremation I noticed your thinning grey hair and wrinkles Lips pursed into another disappointment, how genuine of you mother, dear In this moment, after all these years

I could smile Probably I understood then We never shared anything back then But now we do, We won't be sad anymore, we won't be

For, will it be a sin to say? That my fondest memory of you was when you left, Only to realize you never were even there But I think I miss you, miss you still...

Thank you for reading <<33 --------------------------------- :))))

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