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mermaid_motel Love the sound u make when u shut up :)
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A cute love at first sight poem.
"It's my birthday mama, sing me a lullaby"
(she is drunk and dead) ACT SURPRISED
Oh no!
"It's my birthday dada, cradle me to sleep"
he is pedophilic, should prolly stay away."

For @lovely_1's contest

For @lovely_1's contest

@edgytillidie Title: LOVE AT THE PITY PARTY Topic: Love at first sight *It's a tad bit long, but please read it till the end :)* I hope you like it <<33

LOVE AT THE PITY PARTY Back in the old days I treated myself a pity party Purple balloons and heart-shaped candy Frolicking in pink frocks and glitter hair clips

Licking the frosting off my barbie cake Sweet and frothy Lathered in licorice and candies Dancing to old tunes and jazz blues Alone, all alone

Drawing faces on balloons with the black marker (my new friends) Serving them hot chocolate and marshmallows (my only friends) Talking to shiny mirrors Whispering to empty halls

"It's my birthday mama, sing me a lullaby" (she is drunk and dead) ACT SURPRISED Oh no! "It's my birthday dada, cradle me to sleep" he is pedophilic, should prolly stay away

Fluttering A lonesome butterfly Twirling in the gardens Plucking flowers off the cherry vine

Nothing more to do But when I stalked the length of my fences You caught my eye You were walking among the roses laced on the vine

Cherry lips and ample cheeks, "wanna make you mine," Looking at you how baby you got me high! From running across the red fences To dryly meeting my gaze

I felt a wave of awe Smitten, love-struck Forelsket, (Is this how falling in love for the first time feels like?) Hush, hush, hush Heat rises, I blush, blush, blush

Pale skin and messy brown hair Tattered jeans and point-like freckles A white tee and converse highs Everything feels so nice and clear

Is it your clear blue eyes or the crystal meth I had snorted? (giggling) I see fairies, blue and maybe a shade darker than blue... Giddy, giddy and twitterpated misery

Feeling sparks? Only in the words of Nicholas Sparks Music in the air? Only on the streets of Bel-Air It wasn't as definable as people say

It was something much more real, regal, ethereal (Call it a sin, but I'm short of words, as I was for my breath back in the day)

And boy when our worlds collided Planets saluted and asteroids surrendered A destined romance between you and me You are my Adam, make me your Eve I will be Bonnie and you'll be my Clyde Let me be the dying Sylvia Plath Loving you till the end of time

Platonic and Fatal Your deadly persona Draws me in like a high tide And maybe I could swim through it But baby, I'm way past letting you go It's been high time

Let me lead you to my pity party I will show my balloon-faced friends The pale new boy, (My King and I'm his only Queen)

I will teach him all the tricks (a playdate mate) Take him on my trip (crystal-crystal) Let him have a sip (cognac)

Wove you into something sweet Since the day I knew it was meant to be But I still fumble for words to say... I couldn't help falling in love, ever since he had said, "hey?"

:)))))) <---__thanks for reading__---<3 __________________________________

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