The infidelity that consumes me.
The infidelity that consumes me. sad stories

merlinsraven Community member
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This just a poem or whatever. I'm at no risk at harming myself. That being said, I'm just trying to learn how to get my feelings on paper. This is the first thing I've ever written. So please come full force with feedback.

The infidelity that consumes me.

29 pills in the bottle

One just doesn't do it anymore

My heart races while hers does too

But hers does for her amour

Mine does for the thought that our love is through

27 pills in the bottle

Why did I drink so much

Why did I eat so much

Why did I think so much

Why did I cheat so much

20 pills in the bottle

I can't unsee her face

The one that shined on me once

I wish we could get back to that place

But now my heart is covered in rust

15 pills

I can't see straight and My hands are sweating

My fists are clinched and my body is turned over

This is it I would say if I was betting

I can't seem to find my composure

10 pills in the bottle

Just to make sure I said while steadily smacking my slimy lips

I miss your taste

I miss your hips

Oh how they made hast

The bottle is empty

As so is my heart

I must leave this place

I must see your art

I'm no pity case

I need to see your smile

I thought as I reached out to try to dial.

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