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**** I saw nothing.



I saw nothing.

I heard nothing.

But I felt something.. I felt darkness surrounding me, but this was not the feeling that was freaking me out.


I could sense fear around and within me. I closed my eyes even tighter so that maybe everything can get back to normal.

Lights in.

I woke up.

I was trembling as if I had seen a ghost while all I could remember seeing was darkness. My head felt as if it suddenly housed the heart because it was beating against my thin facial flesh.

I was sweating. I was exhausted.


Let's get to know each other, shall we?

My name is Anne. I live with both my parents in Tanzania. You probably don't know Tanzania do you?

Well,it's a country in East Africa. Google for more details.

An year ago I messed with the devil.

I mean, the guy texted me in Facebook????!!!

Lucifer:-Hey cutie!!

Me:-.. Wth!!!...

Lucifer:-Why do you humans like mentioning my home so often?? Not so pretty down there!

Me:-uhh.. How do I know that you are not a human too?

Lucifer:- let's meet!:)

Me:- why the hell would I wanna meet the devil?

Lucifer:-Coz I can make all your dreams come true.. And well, I think you are beautiful and I wanna know you better ;) ;)

Me:- All my dreams?

Lucifer:- well yes literally.. I have been in your dreams for a long time now,And I don't intend to leave you yet! Till they come true:)

Me:-What the?

Lucifer:- Hell.. Yes.. The dreadful place I call home. Don't worry, we can meet in a more welcoming place! I will come to Tanzania just for you!

Me:-Oh my!

Lucifer:- Please don't mention the almighty while chatting with me.. We not very good friends and Its not allowed to mess with him!

Me:- are you really scared of him?

Lucifer:- I thought you come from a Christian family?

Me:- Well yeah, but I'm not so into that.. I wouldn't be chatting with you!

Lucifer:- I think I'm in love.

Me:-Don't text me again. Dont want trouble with guys pretending to be the devil, I just didn't have any chat partner that's why I kept on texting.

See you in afterlife!

I blocked him. I thought that it is just another weird guy in Facebook trying to scare me or get me to chat with them. Either way, I couldn't stop thinking of what he said;-

I can make all your dreams come true..

That night I had a dream of a handsome man reaching out for me as I have been dreaming for the past 3 months, but this time it was somewhat different;-


"Ahh beautiful Anne,come with me!"

I couldn't answer. I have never answered this man ever since I started dreaming of him calling me. Its like the demon doesn't get tired.

He is tall,muscular,handsome with short brown hair,small blue gorgeous eyes and pink soft lips. Today he looks familiar.

Yes! Lucifer from Facebook.

Oh my.

"Yes,finally you know who I am"

How does he know what I'm thinking??

"You are thinking out loud my dear Anne!,now would you come with me?

I can make all your dreams come true!"

He said the last sentence with a wide but mischievous smile which sent my whole body shaking after the sudden realisation swept into my mind.

.I have been seeing the devil.

.He has been calling me.

.I chatted with him in Facebook.

I should run away.

"Oh no my dear,you not going anywhere! You accepted my friend request,remember. THREE MONTHS AGO?",he said with a wide grin in his mouth.

I didn't wait for him to finish, I remember everything so clearly. I just needed to go away. I got up and decided to run.

I couldn't.

I screamed.

I woke up.


I heard the messenger alert.. I was still puzzled from the dream but I took my phone from the table and viewed the message that had just entered my Facebook inbox,

You don't just run away from me,you know?

I will be back:)

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