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This is a story that is based on scientist experiments to explain a life content.


A student ask his class teacher "why did people always say never judge other by look?

the teacher didn't answer him and he remain silent for few seconds before he stood up and move out of the class and came back after few minutes with four(4) beakers filled with

different substance, which are Dry Gin,Acid(Sulfuric(H2SO4)),Water and Base(Caustic Soda(NaOH)).

The teacher dropped all the beakers on a table and said "It experiments time let perfom experiments",he ask he student "what dod you think are in all the beaker?

", Unknowingly to the student he said "they are all water" and the teacher asked "why did you said they are water",

the student replied "because they all look like water and they are colourless",

the teacher didn't said anything further but the teacher told him to come forward and he responded and move closer to the table where all the beakers are placed.

The teacher told him to carry the first(1st) cup which was filled with Dry Gin and then told him to it's smell and immediately the student discovered what was it he quickly drop it and then

he said "it is a Alcohol" the teacher replied "correct".

Then the teacher told him to carry the second(2nd) beaker which is filled with Acid(Sulfuric acid) and he told the boy to smell it and asked him "what is it",

the boy did and said "it is odourless" and then he said 'it is water",

the teacher just look at him and then brought out a blue litmus paper and gave it to the boy instructing him to dip the tips of it in the liquid and the paper turn to red and the teacher

then ask him again "what is in the cup",the boy replied "it is Acid" and the teacher said "you are correct".

The teacher told the student to carry the third (3rd) beaker which is filled with Water and told him to smell it and the student responded and did so,

the student discovered it is odourless and then the teacher asked him what is in the beaker,

the student said he don't know but he discovered it's odourless and then the teacher told him to take a slip of it,

the boy didn't want to but he trust his teacher and he take a slip and discovered it is water because water is colourless,

odourless and tastless and he told the teacher immediately "this is water" and the teacher replied him "you are right".

The teacher told him to carry the last(4) beaker which is filled with Base(Caustic Soda),

the student responded and did as instructed then he told the student to smell it and the student said it is odourless too then he asked the "what's in the beaker" and he said "i

didn't know",

the teacher told the student to spill some on his back of hand and he did then after some 2 minutes the student body responded to the substance and his hand was itching him then the teacher

take him to the basin and told him to put his hands under the running water for full minutes and the itching stop then the teacher asked him again "what was in the breaker"

the boy replied "i don't know" then the teacher gave him a blue litmus paper to put in the beaker which the boy did and he discovered the paper turn to red and then the teacher asked

again "what is it now" and he responded "Base" and the teacher said "correct".

The teacher then asked the student "I hope the experiment we perform now as explained the question you asked me few minutes ago" and the student replied "yes".

The teacher said "don't judge by looks because it can be deceiving,

people may look alike but they can't have this same character just like identical twins they may look alike but each of of them feel there pain differently,

not everything that looks like water is water,a book title don't speak about the book but the book itself,some people may look innocently but they may not be deeply innocent,

some people may look scary but they are the best of friendship.

Don't say someone is happy just because of the smiling face,don't said somebody is ok because you don't know what it took him/her to get up from bed,

look and feel as presentable as possible and face the day.You can never know the daily struggle of other except you are told or you studied the person".

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