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This story is about a Professor and a Illitrate canoeist who later end up being the professor of the day.
Read to know more about it in detail.


Once upon a Time,in a village surrender by water and land there was a young orphanage boy who is a canoeist and has been paddling canoes at a very tender age because that is the only way he can survive without going to school because he can't pay for the charge.

One day a Professor came to the village and wants to cross through the river but could't not see any canoeist except the young boy canoeist.

The Professor asks the boy "are you are canoeist" the boy replied, "yes, I am," the professor ask again "what are your qualifications that makes you a canoeist," the boy replied,

"what is qualifications" (the boy ask because he is illiterate and don't know the meaning of it),the Professor said, "since you don't know the meaning of qualifications,I believe you don't have any qualifications.

Qualification is an exam that you have passed or a course of study that you have successfully complete to become who you are or did you have a qualification?"

the boy replied "no"you see I am a Professor, and I have many qualifications that makes who I am and without those qualifications I am nothing,I have all knowledge of all things I want to through the qualifications, so how can you paddle a ship without the qualification?"

the boy said "I can because I am good at what I do", The professor said, The professor said, "did you know J-Stroke?" The boy said "no" the professor said "what of low-brace" the boy replied "no" and then he asked again "what of safety techniques" the boy replied "no" the professor then said "hmm,I can see that you are really good at what you in do indeed."

(The professor than stand at the river bank hoping to see another canoeist but his waiting seems invalid and he gives up and try to speak to the boy to carry him,the boy accepted to carry him but while on the journey the canoe encounter a accident cause by too much of the wind, it turned the canoe downward,the professor don't know how to swim properly the boy then swim to the Professor)

The boy asked, "did you know how to swim?" the professor replied struggling "no,I can't" then the boy said "I thought you have knowledge and qualifications or don't you know swimminglogy" the Professor asked "What is that" the boy said "it is how to swim"

the Professor said "please save me I can't swim properly" the boy said I thought you said I am not a qualified canoeist because I don't have the qualifications"the professor replied still struggling"Pls help me I am sorry."

(The boy saved the Professor and then they continue their journey As they were going the Professor then apologize to the boy for his mistake)

The Professor said, "I am sorry for disqualification I gave you before," the boy said, "it okay sir,

but you have to know this you should learn not to disqualify people just because of a school qualification which is usually given as A4 paper,the certificate and the results is a product of brain test based on how your memory can kept things and later we usually forgot them after schools,

they're several people out there who have one or two nature qualifications but people won't accept the qualifications except it was back up with school qualifications,did I save you with school qualifications?

" the professor replied, "no, you do that with the knowledge you have" then the boy replied "that is it, I save you without a school qualification then why judge people with it?.

They are people out there who have school qualifications in many things but can used the qualifications for their self because they did not really know how,I have seen somebody who has Electrical Engineer certificate but can't even fix wire in his own house,

he has to call someone with natural qualifications not because he is not chance but because he can't do it.

Therefore, Knowledge can't be tested on school qualification Alone but others qualification too,nobody's know all we all knows what we know and don't ever says you know that or that all because knowledge is deep"the Professor said "thanks for the advice" the boy replied "you arewelcome sir."

THE END By Ridwan Mercy Wealthy

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