Feed The Evil Within, Chapter 1 - Prisoner
Feed The Evil Within, Chapter 1 - Prisoner oc stories
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mercurite I'm Merc, an aspiring writer.
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Evil Within, Ruvik x OC.

Elise comes to in a room with no recollection of how she got there. The man who visits her is the splitting image of a nightmare; he claims her to be someone who she's never met nor seen before.

Between Elise's twisted past and Ruvik's love for Laura, can Elise possibly survive The Evil Within?

Feed The Evil Within, Chapter 1 - Prisoner

The door of the room I was being held in softly creaked open, only stopping when the person whom wished to invade the room came to a stop himself.

"Laura..." His voice was soft, almost loving. His appearance frightened me so; it was hideously deformed, burned and scarred. He was keeping me here against my will, he had been for a while now.

I feared him; that was the honest to god truth. I purposely held my tongue, all this time. But I was so tired of hearing him say that, ignoring me as if I weren't my own person.

"My name is Elise." I stated, (pronounced E-lyze) my first words to him since waking up in the bed that was not my own; this scarred man had come to see me many times, but there were quite the time lapses between. I didn't recall how long I'd been here, either, trapped in a state of unknowing. I'd called for help many times but nobody had appeared.

I wondered how long I'd truly been here, fearing that my life had passed me by, that maybe I'd been here longer than just a few weeks and I'd already been pronounced a lost cause. Surely someone would come looking for me. My mother wouldn't just give up.

"Elise, tell me. Why do you resemble my Laura?" He'd ask, his pitiful expression tugging at my heart strings. I'd almost reach out and touch him, but slowly draw my hand back as I remembered he was not my friend; he was my kidnapper. Fear permeated my mind. I was stewing in it.

Would he hurt me? Kill me, perhaps, when he realized I was not this 'Laura' he so desired? "Who is Laura?" I'd ask, finally gaining enough courage to speak out of turn as my eyes would dart to the door behind him. The one that was unlocked.

Could I take my chances and run for it? Leave this place behind, get to the police? Surely I'd be able to make it. He didn't seem like he was too fast, like he preferred to walk than run. Even his movements were quite slow for a normal human being.

"Laura is my sister," He'd reply, and with that I would launch myself off the bed, using my feet to propel myself with enough force to push past him. I yanked open the door, glancing over my shoulder into a pair of relaxed grey eyes, as if he was more or less... fine with this. Still, I didn't have time to obsess over his expressions.

I found myself hitting a second door down the hallway, which I pushed open. Light flooded my senses as my feet brushed against the cold, dampened cobblestone. It seemed like wherever this was, it had just rained. From what I knew, he wasn't coming after me, but now was not the time to let down my guard.

I was in awe as I looked down the alleyway I had come, a shocked gasp from my lips cutting through the thick silence. It looked to be a time from which I was not; as if we were in perhaps the fiftieth, maybe the sixtieth, century.

The lamp lights hung, one occasionally flickering as I dashed down the street, splashing through a puddle every now and then. I felt a cold drop on my cheek and looked up as the rainfall began, soaking both my clothes and my hair.

It was then I got the strangest, most normal thought in a situation that was so far from normal that I almost laughed out loud. I feared I would get sick with no shoes on. It was a normal thought I cherished, for I hadn't had them in a while, trapped in that room.

The door behind me swung open and I gasped as he came from one of the houses, the slightest of smirks exposed under his hood. I picked up my pace. The last thing I needed was to be caught. He was walking behind me. Each of his footsteps was loud, echoing off the pavement.

They felt so much louder than my own, sorry gasps of air from running so much; it was intimidating, striking true fear into my core. "Taking a walk, lies?" He'd ask, missing the E in my name. I couldn't stop to question why, so I just continued my mad dash. It felt as if I were being hunted.

I turned my head and the footsteps seemed to stop all at once. My run slowed to a walk as I turned around, searching for the man who'd been chasing me. He'd seemingly disappeared into thin air, not even a noise showing that he'd been there or that he was continuing to pursue me.

I had no idea where I was taking a step in the direction I came from. At least, I hoped it was the direction I came from. Was I even near my town any longer? How would I find my way home?

I considered heading back to the room to look for clues but that would definitely be me forfeiting my sanity thinking that the man who'd kidnapped me meant me no harm. It was best to escape and think of a plan later; only when I was sure I was safe would I try to find my way home.

Turning back to the direction I'd been going, I ran smack-dab into the very man I'd been running from. "I am Ruvik." His voice was a mere whisper, his grey eyes piercing through me and looking straight into my soul. My legs gave way, crumpling, as he captured me in his arms.

I could feel my consciousness fading, the last thing I saw being his scarred lips twist into a smile...

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