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I'll let you be my ocean, fill me with the salty sweet water and hold me close...


by merasampson

I drown in you like you are

the pages of a book,

an adventure, ready, waiting for me to find

this vast unknown thing. I can't see past your beauty.

The natural rise and fall of your chest,

The soft light you cast my way when you smile. I dive,

Delve deep into your beautiful water, these waves, they rock me, but they tell me not to go away.

Trust when I say,

I will stay. I'll let you be my siren. My mermaid. My reckoning.

I know,

drowning in you... It means emerging in paradise.

It means, learning to love. Kissing these waves means kissing the glowing, bright sun lit sky. You are my reckoning. My beginning. My end.

The salty, sweet ocean wind kissing my sky.

I know now, this is love.

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