It's always been... you
It's always been... you sad stories

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It's always been... you

by meraki

It was you from the first glance at you from across the room.

It was you who made us, us.

It was you who brought me chocolate when I had terrible cramps.

It was you who let me cry into their shoulder.

It was you who slowly let me fall down, into a deep hole after a couple weeks..

It was you who started not responding to my texts.

It was you who stopped talking to me in the halls.

It was you who left me for someone else.

It was you who let me there to cry alone at night.

It was you who never responded to me.

It was you who let me love you but I got nothing in return.

It was you who killed me internally.

It was you all alone… from that first glance. I dreamt about you when I was 5.

The dream went a little something like this…

When I was turned around in a middle of a desert, lost, broken, but out of everyone you found me. You stole something from me, and that was my heart. But in the end, you never gave it back.

All you did was stab me in the back. Now… I'm sitting here in the dark contemplating my death.

You asked what was going on. And right then an there my mom told you I had overdosed in the bathroom and she tried to save me but she couldn’t, I was already too far gone.

All because of you.

It was you.

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