'Without Main Vein'
'Without Main Vein' trans stories
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mephbear Community member
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My first attempt at poetry as I try to put my thoughts and feelings into a concise and entertaining format.

'Without Main Vein'

Behind the glass of my screen is little yi, complacent and free,

Soon my mind began to plea, far from what we know is natural decree.

A thought has sprout within my brain, soon making me feel an unending pain,

Stuck in thoughts of that is now my bane, for all what I want is without a main vein.

The feeling to be of another gender, now people think that I’m just a bender,

All I need is my body to be slender, to obtain a personality that is much more tender.

I urge to dress up just like a girl, wearing a skirt that I wish I could twirl,

Wanting to strut and give the boys a whirl, maybe to even don a necklace of pearls?

Suffering a life I now aim to kill, in a life of drugs that went further downhill,

Finding peace from these different pills, as I find being me is all but a thrill.`

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