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"You are my version of Disney World,
but I can’t stay.
So do you"


I don't want to turn you

into words that will preserve you,

but I have to.

You are life;

you showed me

what it feels like to live

to let go

and to take the risk

of actually feeling

the rush I've denied myself.

You picked me up,

drove me off the sunset--

I used to think those words are cliche

but damn, I didn't know it felt amazing.

My version of heaven and paradise,

I never felt it in a long time.

You made me remember

how it feels to be truly happy.

That glimpse of satisfaction:

Like living in Disney World;

You are my version of Disney World,

but I can't stay.

So do you,

because home is waiting for me,

and you don't want a place to call yours--

we are not each other's home.

That's okay, maybe

because you have you

and I have someone else

and we are just us.

You are my Disney World

And I can only afford

day pass.

How I wish I could stay.

It must be a great thing

feeling so alive


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