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"The best view comes after the hardest climb." - Vanessa Gendoma

This is a short story about finding your own light amidst the abyss of darkness your life have.

Enjoy Reading!

Trigger Warning: Rape



Attorney, it was you, and I told you everything. You said you'd come here to get Miera and me. I smiled at my sister as I looked her in the eyes. Finally, we'll be free.

The police officers I called came in a short time.

My parents were awakened from their slumber by the noisy sirens. They secretly glared at me when they stepped outside the house, but they managed to hide it when the officers spoke to them.

I approached them slowly with Meira in my arms, hoping to hear what they were saying. The officers explained to them what happened.

"I apologize for the chaos, officer, but my daughter suffers from a delusional disorder. She is unable to distinguish between what is real and what is imagined," said my father.

"Within this day, we will give her psychiatrist's medical certificate."

They continue to talk, but I couldn't understand them because I was trying to process everything.

I'm not suffering from a delusional disorder! What exactly are they talking about?

I started looking around and noticed my neighbors' pitiful stares. They seem to be sympathizing with my parents. That's when it dawned on me.

It was most probably why they all stopped talking about me. Everyone would, of course, believe my parents. My parents are caring and righteous in their eyes.

When the officer led me to my parents, tears streamed down my cheeks. When my mother took Meira from me, I was terrified.

My father took my wrist in his and began leading me inside the house. As we walked inside, the police officers waved their goodbyes.

I was crying so hard and trying to get off his hand, but he held it tighter. I started whimpering in pain and screaming for help.

As I watched the police car drive away from our home, my hope died down.

My father was so enraged when we entered that he brandished his pocket knife at me. But as he was about to slit my throat, someone knocked on the door.

When my parents realized that I had contacted you, they were outraged. They threatened me that if I won't tell you that the disorder is true, they will kill me and Meira.

I followed them because I know they can do it. Just as planned, I lied and apologized.

With the promise of the medical certificate, with my last string of hope, you left.

I knew my parents had their way of faking the document, weakened by the events, I was again in the endless loop of darkness.

As predicted, I was punished. They deprived me of food and locked me in my room for two days. Those days were not wasted as I prepared for my next move.

I dismissed the idea of reporting because no one would believe it. They would only say that I'm crazy.

In my situation, dying would be the quickest way out. I've always admired the concept of life, but after all, I've come to appreciate the concept of death even more.

There will be no more suffering; there will be peace. It was easier to believe in death than it was to believe in life.

Meira became my light in this pit of darkness. As long as she is here, I won't get tired of fighting. I'm not going to give up, hoping that I'll be able to escape this hell someday.

I've fought my way this far, and giving up now is not an option. It was then that I began to hide a camera in my room to record everything. Hoping that someday I can use it as proof.

A year after I attempted to escape, I overheard my parents conversing with you one night.

They stated that they will no longer adopt me due to my illness and the fact that they already have Meira. After the call, I overheard them talking.

"We should get rid of her because she's used up," my father said. "What are we going to do now?" he followed.

"We can sell pictures and videos of Solene to some pornography sites, I heard they pay well." My mother proposed, and the both of them laughed.

It was like a wake-up call, indicating that it was time to get moving. I'll be free, but I won't let them use Meira.

I looked up your office's address and discovered that it was only two rides away from our home.

I don't know how to escape. But then, out of nowhere, an idea came to me. I took out my phone and dialed the number of my best friend.

I wasn't expecting him to respond, but he did, much to my surprise. He was so shocked that I called him. I started telling him what had happened. When he said he believed me, I started to cry.

At last, someone believed, I happily said to myself. Everything happened so quickly that I was able to flee myself and Meira without my parents noticing, thanks to Wakim's help.

And now, I'm here in your office, writing this letter to you in the hopes that you can take action to put my parents in prison. The videos of their atrocities to me are attached to this letter.

I told Wakim to leave as soon as he dropped us off here, and that if my parents found out, please don't let them harm him.

Also, I'm certain the court will ask me to testify, and I'm hoping you can make a way for me to testify over the phone. I'm ready to comply as long as I'm steered away from my parents.

I don't know if I could face them without breaking down. I had enough, and I think I have reached my limit.

I feel enfeebled. I'm traumatized and scarred for life. I find it incredibly unjust that I am the one who suffers as a result of these rapes.

I have nightmares and flashbacks where I relive the events.

I'm going to go away and be better with the money I stole from my parents. I'm sorry for lying; please look after Meira and give her the life I may not have had.

I love her, but I am unable to care for her at this time. I'm sure you're on your way here. I'm going to leave Meira in your care in the hopes of seeing her again someday.

I'll return to take back my light. Thank you very much, Attorney.

- Solene

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