Hufflepuff At Hogwarts 🍋🌼 (Chapter 7)
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Chapter 7, the great feast!!

Hufflepuff At Hogwarts 🍋🌼 (Chapter 7)

Bea took off the hat, and walked over to the cheering house table. She couldn't believe it.

How could that have happened? She sat down at the end of the table and was bombarded with friendly Hufflepuffs waving to her.

A much older person with short brown hair and a face full of freckles shook her hand. 'Hey, welcome to Hufflepuff! I'm one of your house prefects, Florence,' they said.

Bea smiled awkwardly at them then turned back to the front of the hall. There were only a couple people she knew, and two of them she hadn't even talked to.

The tall blonde boy from the boat ('Jones, Felix!) was sorted into Gryffindor, the black-haired girl ('Levie, Lora') was sorted into Hufflepuff, the rude girl ('Miller, Lillith!)' was sorted into Gryffindor, and then finally, it was Pip's turn.

Although Bea wished for Pip to be in Hufflepuff, she already knew that he was going to be sorted into Ravenclaw. But she still had the slightest bit of hope to be in the same house as her friend...

Pip sat on the stool and McGonagall placed the hat on his head. It was a few minutes of silence, until suddenly the hat yelled: 'SLYTHERIN!' Bea's eyes widened and her mind raced.

'Pip? A Slytherin?' She muttered to herself. Whatever house Bea expected Pip to be sorted into, it definitely was not Slytherin.

After the last person had been sorted, a still-bewildered Bea turned to the headmaster. He was standing in front of a very ornate lectern with a golden owl carved into it. If the lectern was ornate, it was nothing compared to the headmaster.

With long, silver hair and a beard longer than his waist, he was truly what a muggle thinks of when they hear the word "wizard".

His brilliant blue eyes shone with kindness and mischief, as though they held the ocean inside of them. His robes, while on some they would be called a disaster, on him they looked mythical, intricate, and a downright fashion statement.

They were a cool lilac, but the bottom faded into a deep purple, which had embroidered stars and constellations. The edges were lined with some sort of white silk. His boots went up to his knees and they were a metallic pure white.

'Ah, yet another year at Hogwarts. It was ever so fun to watch you all get sorted, and I'm sure all of you will fit right in to your new houses. Before I allow you to start on your feast, I would like to say a few words. Effervescent, shenanigans, peculiar!'

At this, the entire student body clapped energetically, and the confused first years joined in.

'Now, bon appetit!'

Suddenly, the long tables were filled with all sorts of delicious foods, roast chicken, beef wellingtons, soups of all flavours, about 70 different types of potatoes, and everything looked warm and lovely and cooked to perfection.

Eventually, everyone was stuffed full of food. Bea felt as though she couldn't eat another thing for months, but at that very moment the near-empty platters were whisked away and in their place appeared a wide array of desserts.

Somehow everyone's stomachs made room for at least a little more food, and these delicacies were, just as the main course, delicious. After everyone had finally finished eating, they turned up to the headmaster once again.

'So, now that we have all feasted, let me welcome the first years to Hogwarts!

This year will be your first year that you are able to practise magic, and I am sure that all of you are extremely ecstatic for the weeks and months to come.

But first, some basic rules and housekeeping. The first rule is no going into the Forbidden Forest. Even in midday, the forest is exceedingly dangerous, and it is named the Forbidden Forest for a reason.

Next, our caretaker Mr Filch has asked for you all to refrain from doing any magic or spellcasting in the hallways. There are an extent of rules aside from these, but these are the two that you must keep in mind especially.

Right, I am sure that all of you feel as though you might fall asleep listening to me, so please follow your house prefects out of the Great Hall to your house dormitories. Farewell!'

There was an ear-piercing noise of the seats being scraped back. Ravenclaw and Slytherin seemed to form a line, but Hufflepuff and Gryffindor ended up forming hordes instead. Following the Hufflepuff horde, Bea felt truly content.

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