Hufflepuff At Hogwarts 🍋🌼 (Chapter 6)
Hufflepuff At Hogwarts 🍋🌼 (Chapter 6) wholesome stories

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Chapter 6!!

Hufflepuff At Hogwarts 🍋🌼 (Chapter 6)

The huge door opened, and the line of first years walked through. The great hall was deafening, Bea felt as though there was a super-sized bee buzzing inside of her head.

But as Professor McGonagall led their line in front of the entire school, the din disappeared almost instantly.

Faces stared up at the line of nervous first-years, and Bea wondered if they had to make an impromptu speech or something. But after a moment's silence, a voice started up.

Bea looked around for the source of it, and saw a dirty, patched hat sitting on top of a four legged stool. There was a rip in it's brim, and it looked like a kind of mouth.

The hat was singing about the houses, what they were, and- that they had to try on the hat to get sorted? Bea breathed a sigh of relief.

Her vague attempts for ideas of a speech didn't have to embarrass her. But then a horrifying thought came to her- her last name was Anderson. ANDERSON.

She was almost certainly going to be first, and she felt as though she might throw up.

Before she could, Professor McGonagall called: 'I will call you up one by one, when your name is called you will come and sit on the stool and put on the hat.

Once you have been sorted, go to your respective house. Anderson, Bea!'

Bea wobbled out of line, trying to pretend that there was no one watching her. Her attempt was unfruitful and she was very worried that she was going to throw up on Professor McGonagall.

But she managed to sit on the stool and then McGonagall placed the hat on her head. It was so big that it covered her eyes, and Bea felt slightly less queasy.

'Hm... oh yes, I remember your father. Ravenclaw. He was an easy one. But you...,' said the hat, and it was a peculiar sensation to have a voice speaking inside of your head. 'Anything to say?'

'Um. I kind of want to be in Ravenclaw? I suppose.' 'Don't want to disappoint. Ah, yes... that makes sense. Right then...'

Bea smiled. She would have to get used to being stereotyped as smart and creative, but it would make her parents proud.

Filled with joy, she waited for the hat to yell Ravenclaw to the school, yell where she would belong for the next seven years.


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