Hufflepuff At Hogwarts 🍋🌼 (Chapter 4)
Hufflepuff At Hogwarts 🍋🌼

(Chapter 4) hufflepuff stories

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They're still on the train, but next chapter they'll arrive!!

Hufflepuff At Hogwarts 🍋🌼 (Chapter 4)

An hour had passed and Bea had returned to staring out of the window. Guilt crawled at her stomach for being so rude to the boy, but she retaliated to herself with her thoughts.

"It'll only hurt him more. No one would want me as a friend, especially not a nice person like him. I'd just embarrass him."

She cautiously looked up at the boy and saw that he was drawing in a book. He seemed very invested in it. Bea guessed that he would end up a Ravenclaw. Inquisitive and creative. Unlike Bea.

While she told her parents that she didn't have a preference for her house, she secretly longed to be in Ravenclaw. Her father had been one, and if she was anything else...

he could be disappointed. And Bea never wanted to disappoint. But Bea knew inside that she just wasn't a Ravenclaw. She didn't feel like much of anything.

She wasn't inquisitive. She wasn't brave. She wasn't ambitious. And kindness? Bea had shunned people away her entire life because they were nice to her.

Bea's stomach was still a cesspool of liquified guilt.

She couldn't have a grudge against the first person she met at Hogwarts just because they were nice! Bea gathered up any courage she had left (which was minimal) and...

'So, what's your name?'

The boy looked up. He was visibly stunned.

'I-I'm Pip! Pip Moore! What's your name?' 'Bea Anderson.' 'Cool! I was kind of worried that I made you uncomfortable, my mums always say that I talk to strangers too much.'

'No, no it's my fault. I was just... nevermind. I'm going to look for the trolley, do you want anything?' 'I'll get some ice mice and an acid pop,' said Pip, handing her some knuts.

Bea went out of the compartment and smiled. She felt better, even if all she did was ask for his name.

Walking through the train's hallway, Bea found the trolley lady serving a group of older kids. She waited for the lady to turn around, but instead she kept rolling the trolley through.

'Er, excuse me? Hello?' Said Bea. 'Oh, sorry dear!' Said the lady, turning around. 'What would you like?' 'Some ice mice, two acid pops, and exploding bon bons please,' said Bea, handing her own and Pip's knuts over.

The lady gave her the candy, and Bea thanked her as she walked back to the compartment. When she reached it, however, the door was open and another person was inside.

She was standing right in front of the doorway, blocking the outside view. From what Bea could see, she had already changed into robes and had long, straight black hair.

'- never make any friends, you're a stupid mudblood loser. No wonder you're sitting alone!'

Bea poked the person in the back. She turned around, her pale face fuming.

'Excuse me? Fuck off or I will snap your neck, punk.' 'Um, uh,' Bea struggled to think of a comeback. 'Swearing and giving me threats doesn't make you cool.' 'That's the best comeback you could think of? If you're that stupid I see why you're sitting next to Pip.'

Despite feigning braveness, Bea was sure that the girl really could break her neck, and so she just nodded awkwardly and blushed.

'I can't be bothered beating up a baby today,' sighed the girl. Instead, she knocked the candy out of Bea's hands and crushed all of it under her boot with a sneer. She sauntered off.

Bea walked into the compartment and looked at Pip. His smile was gone, replaced by a blank stare. Bea could see his eyes were on the verge of tears. Sitting by him, Bea said: 'Hey. Let's try and forget about her and think about Hogwarts, okay?'

Pip nodded and wiped his eyes. 'Thanks for standing up to her.' 'Know what?' Said Bea, looking at the candy. 'Squashed floor candy tastes just as good as normal candy.' Bea picked the pile up and Pip laughed.

'Thanks, Bea.'

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