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We humans can be weak

we can subject our selves to impulse and fear

and not take a second thought on it.

That however is why we have willpower.

willpower allows us to control our impulses of emotions so that we may forge on

it is what allows people to take on tasks that many may fear

it allows us to cry out against ourselves and move forwards so that we may improve and protect what we care for most.

Willpower is what drives us even in the face of death to continue on.

Willpower is what allows us to call for freedom against oppression.

Willpower is what can drive us into a better tomorrow.

Willpower is only as strong as ones will and it is also defined by what that will is

whether it be a will to protect those you value

or to destroy those who oppose you

Willpower is strong yes but it can be just as dangerous, as it is more than a tool for endurance it is also

a weapon that can allow one to remove his obstacles to the top.

Willpower is however faulty when other are in account as ones will may bring those that stand beside them crashing to the ground.

All of is what willpower is and what it can be.

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