Trigger stories

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A bit of fiction with a hard question at the end


I was kneeled to the ground

Blood seeped from my nose and my skull felt fragile

Everything was foggy for a moment, but my vision came to me.

What I saw was a man with a hand gun locked on my forehead, and a room full people with faces that screamed out their voiceless terror

“Get up you damn kid!” I rose to my feat but could barely stand.

My legs felt as though they would snap from the slightest motion

“ I’m going to give you a choice here kid and you must pick one.” his tone was viscous on the ears

“Do you want everyone but you to die here, or are you willing to die for everyone else.” He turned the barrel towards me and right up to my fore head.

The barrel felt cold but not as cold as his eyes, they were like he couldn’t give a damn about what happens.

I know it sounds selfish but I didn’t want to die.

Especially if that death is caused by this cold bastard. I looked around the room at everyone’s terrorized faces like they were expecting me to say kill them

It kinda hurt how scared they all looked.

Like they could guarantee they were going to die right here right now.

With every face I saw in horror I felt my greed, selfishness, and fear melt away

But there was also something growing in me. Hatred, hatred was what was growing a hatred for this guy.

Who is terrorizing all these people for no reason once so ever, but I still had to answer his question.

“Go ahead and shoot me.” “What was that” “I said go ahead and fucking shoot me!”

I held the barrel in place right in the middle of my head.

“Any last words - kid.”

“Yeah I got some last words.” I cannot express how pissed I was at this guy for what he was doing and how he was acting about it

“You are the worst kind of person in this world, and if you kill me just know-

I’ll be waiting in hell for you.”


I was falling to the floor with my last breath.

In those final moments I could only think about is the1 thing that I wanted more than anything right now.

To see everyone’s face unfreeze from the horror to go back to smiles and laughter

Even forget that I was the one who gave his life for them.

Now then you now know how I died, how I ended up in this dark room

I died protecting other lives by giving mine

So now I want to ask you a question.

Would you have done the same in my shoes or not?

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