The Reason I Write
The Reason I Write hanniecakes10 stories

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Why I write (for may 24th challenge)

The Reason I Write

Writing is one of the few things that brings me genuine happiness

Whenever I’m writing it’s different then when I’m doing anything else

Even when my words come from tears there’s still a smile

Writing let’s me throw out all my emotions

I don’t know why but no matter what I bottle my emotions but that bottle is uncorked the second I get my hands on the key board or a pen

If fact I think it’s the only place I ever express my real emotions

Writing is my escape

Writing let’s me escape my stress, guilt and sorrow by escaping to a whole new world

A world I’ve created , a world I morphed, a world where anything can happen

A world where I can be happy

I write because when I start putting words on anything I can’t stop until I’m done writing what I want to say

I write because when I’m done writing it feels like I’ve done myself a favor

I feel like I lost all of my foolishness

My darkness

My sadness

My anxiety

My anger

My stress

All those things and more just feel like they disappear when I take my hand off the keys or just put the pen down

And there’s probably a thousand and one more reasons why I write

I just can’t think of them right now

But when I do, who knows I might even come back to this and put them here

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