The Nightmares
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The Nightmares

Dreams are what we're supposed to see when we sleep

so that when we wake we may tell a story of happiness or maybe just a story about how weird something can be

But that's not the case for everyone.

Some of us have lost our dreams to something horrific . . .


Nightmares tear at our courage and force us into a state of panic

They tear at our minds demanding a submission to terror

Even waking up isn’t enough sometimes

As nightmares may weave themselves into memories

So that even in the waking world you may be troubled by sleeps terror.

It can be maddening after a while of repeated nightmares

Sleep after sleep of nothing but fear.

Can you imagine all that horror.

Because if you can’t you won’t truly know the panic in someone’s nights who’s been plagued by this dreadful curse

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