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Don't think I'v given a Description once so I still won't

The Future

Time has 3 stages

The Past

The Present

The Future

The Future is when I want to talk about.

The Future holds many things



and Basically everything that will come to unfold.

Some are scared of that though, but you can't blame them

after all the future is also when the end is and who would want time to end

Especially when you'll never see anything past whatever their present was.

That doesn't mean you have to be scared though

after all I said there was success

and success is only determined by what you define it to be.

Which would mean someone could go through their entire time and not once fear the end as all their time was sucess

of course failure doesn't result in fear though so you could fail all your life and you cold still end without fear

In all honesty the reason anyone has to truly fear end is when they have regrets

so in other words the reason the end and future are feared is because those that are scared

are just regretting things

Its no wonder you don't meet people who aren't scared of death very often

its because you can have regrets even on the best decisions.

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