On The Outside
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I wonder what I would be seen as

On The Outside

Ever wonder what you look like on the outside

I’m not talking about physical appearance though

I mean what do others see you as in a type of person way

Do they see you as this beautiful lily

Do they see you as this raging bull

Do they see you as the bleeding heart

There’s so many ways people might see you, it could make a person mad

And the worst part about that is the fact that one could almost never truly know

Because you don’t have their eyes perceiving and evaluating you with that mind that of theirs that is completely separate from that of the whole universe.

But of course this could mean nothing to the person who has no qualms about what they are seen as, and marched on through time and space

Not a worry in the world.

You know all this talk about a subject and still I’m stuck with a unseen perception.

What may one see me as.

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