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It’s hard to describe thoughts (For may 19th challenge)

My birth date

April 8th 2002

The day I was born

The Day everything in my life was set in motion

The day where I started to effect things

From my parents

To all the people I’ve ever met

It’s weird to think about how many things I’ve touched since birth

And how much I haven’t

Everyday I think about that day though it’s not as a day where my journey began

When I think about that day I think about peoples lives without me

I wonder if I’ve made it worse then if I was here

I wonder If I’ve even made an impact in someone else’s life or just been a passerby

It’s always weird to think about because it’s something you’ll never even get the chance to know

It’s just whatever you believe it to be

If you’re making people’s lives better

Or worse

Or not even affecting them at all

I wish I could go back to that date and look around the room where I was born

To see whether people faces were truly happy or disgusted by the fact that I now existed

But I can’t

And I’m just gonna have to live with the fact that I’ll never know

The Fact that I’ll never know whether I’ve only been a burden or gift

I’ll never know

And I accept that

Or at least I can try to accept that

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