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my thoughts on music and a question at the end

Music: More Than Sound

Music is what drives people, its what Helps people, its what some people feel with. Music is more than just good sounds to ears.

Music is a souls gasoline, Music is a whole new world of emotion and art., Music is better than anything in life! (well expect for writing of course).

Its beyond amazing, its some peoples souls, its some peoples lives, its some peoples feelings!

Even now music is whats driving this writing it's making me feel my true emotions its making me feel amazing!

Beyond anything I could feel just from a nice night in the town, or a full life of adventure it's just something you can't replicate no matter how hard you try.

I can't imagine a world without music cause in that world there must be a hell of a lot less awesome feelings.

but I suppose music isn't just some awesome feelings its all feelings from hate to sadness but when its music that giving you those feeling its usually good no matter how sad or bloody

the instruments or lyrics. Music can tell stories to. I mean come on just look at bands like Sabaton, they sing songs about history, that right history! They are some good songs to.

Some music can even change the world other such as all the works of the pop king Michael Jackson who helped change things from fashion to helping people come together.

So iv explained how how music is more than just sounds now I'm gonna ask you a little question. Whats your favorite song you don't have to explain why but if you go for it.

it's your favorite song its something that personally to you you choose whether to say it or not and whether to explain why or not and hey if you have more than one just right down both or

even more depending on how many you truly love or maybe just say all music after all if its what you like you can put it down. Just so we're even here I'm gonna tell you my favorite song.

Not gonna lie this is hard Iv got a lot of faves but I only wanna put down one so I'm gonna go with Headcase by Shinedown.

That song is my most recent favorite because it makes me feel like what I want to be.

The maniac that everyone's laughing at and that everyone is freaked out by it sounds a little weird yeah but hey everyone's got a reason they chose a song to be one of their favorites

whether it be sound or something more than sound.

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