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I don't what was going on with what I wrote, but I wrote it, so probably don't expect anything good, but I'm sure I had some reason for writing it


I don't really like giving anything about myself up out of paranoia

no that's not right. sorry I'm just kinda losing it right

cause right now the world seems very fractured, not in a bad way just a really confusing way like I'm seeing 4 different pictures of the same thing at once

but back to where I was, Hi you can call me Leer and You probably don't know me unsuprisingly

after its like I'm two people in none so its like a two people competing for the same shell

one a complete sensational maniac who can't exactly seem to do much on his own and completely loses it over pretty much anything

The other. well your reading from him, a kind of secluded weirdo who tries to lose himself in fiction and avoid the maniac best he can

I think you can tell though right now the maniac is banging on the door to be let in to say just how stupid this whole thing is, sorry about that I let him in for a sec

I don't really know where I was going here, still don't, feels so weird to be the one in control, well I just lost my train of thought

Umm well I guess I just came here to write about how interested I am in myself, right now the maniac is screaming I'm sorry for my narcissism, but how about we both act like he never said it and I never wrote it

I'm interested in the person I am, not in a kind of research fashion more like if you see something cool and you kinda just stare at it for a while

I think I'm kinda cool in the way I work I let the maniac take control in the day and makes me want to just spectate life instead of participate

but during the later nights, I'm around and I can see through myself, as though I'm transparent, almost let the maniac take control their sorry

but anyways I think its pretty cool how I seem to break myself but I can still fix myself like nothing ever happened

I guess that all I have to say cause I can't think of anything else to say, so I'm gonna call it here while I'm still around and go pick up a cool picture to go with this whole mess, I really tried to not let him say that but hey whatcha gonna do, alright have beautiful night, Ima be surfing the pictures

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