Fear in Me
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For the may 15th challenge (I hope more people compete your challenges are cool)

Fear in Me

When I look around my room I see objects from my entire lifetime

From Dream catchers that have been protecting my dreams and gifts for each year

To my laptop that kept my voice and body close to those I’ve left

But there’s only 1 thing in my room that I’m ever actually drawn to

My knife that I’ve kept in my drawer for many a year through many rooms

That knife has many reasons for it to be there

Or being a controlled method of anger management

Like being a tool to use in an emergency

Or even just being a mirror to see my gray eyes

But that’s not the reason the reason I’m drawn to it

The real reason I’m drawn to it is. . .


I’ve tried taking that knife out of my room but just sensing that it’s gone makes me panic on the inside

That fear has been driven into me like a stake

That fear is of death, loss of control, and the unknown

And I can see no end to it so without an end I needed something to calm myself

And that something became that knife

And it’s done it’s job well

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