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I’ve got no idea why I’m publishing this here

Broken Mirror

When we look at mirrors we are looking at ourselves

This is true for all mirrors

It’s the way all mirrors have always been

But sometimes when people look into mirrors they don’t see them selves

They see someone that isn’t truly them

It’s someone they’ve created

Someone they molded to be what people see

The point is, their reflection isn’t them at all

But their is a way they can see their real reflection

They shatter the mirrors glass

So that the mirror is just as broken as them

Then and only then they can see their real reflection a broken person

With a costume to hide how broken they truly are

But that broken mirror will see straight past the costume

Not just because it’s as broken though

There also more mirrors now each one showing something different

A broken mirror is a actually a better mirror

In many senses as it shows more than reflection

It also shows completely new views

Ones that a fixed mirror could never show and never will

I don’t know where this has been going at all I’ve just been talking about broken mirrors (very abstractly if I may add)

I don’t even know how I might end this

Maybe by breaking my mirror

No I prefer to just see my reflection

I’m genuinely at a loss right now

How dose one end when one never knew he began

Oh wait I think I have an idea

Broken glass goes to broken minds shattered glass goes to shattered minds and splintered glass goes to splintered minds

I think that was an ok ending could use something else but I’ll just leave it their

Yeah the stories done now not much else to say

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