A recipe for Happiness
A recipe for Happiness  hanniecakes10 stories

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Happiness as a recipe (for may 16th challenge)

A recipe for Happiness

Happiness is a great thing

The recipe is simple and the outcome is amazing

And only hard part is the recipe differs for everyone

But even then it’s seems as though the recipe for happiness is found eventually

My recipe is as simple as they come and I try to make it everyday even if the taste of it is dull at times

Because of course some recipes need a few changes every now and then

But the core ingredients never change

Let me give you an example of 1 of the recipe for happiness just so know what it can be

First we start with some serenading music to calm a ever raging mind

Then add thoughts of a winters clear stream and snow bound forest with an aurora lighting the sky

And last add a soul to that winter world and serenading music to talk to and discuss the snow, animals, or even just yourself

That’s just my recipe for happiness though and there’s a few things I can do to get the same results

But that recipe for happiness is my most special

I hope everyone has their recipe figured out after all happiness is quite the amazing treat

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