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Garden was silent besides the the occasional wind

And 17 was just laying in it’s cold soil, staring into each individual star

His mind filled questions and his eyes darting between stars

Until he heard a scream from behind the garden fence

There was also words

“all you had to do was give me some of your cash and now we’re here are you’re going to die”

17 rose to his feet and stumbled over to the fence resting his forehead on it and was able to see a figure through the crack

There was more words from the same voice which came from the figure

“Not like it matters though I was gonna kill you anyways but at least they would have found”

17 gripped the top of the fence and pulled himself over it

17 landed face first on the ground landing directly in between the man he saw and another that was backed up against the fence.

“Who are you!?” Both men exclaimed

17 rose to his feet facing the man that wasn’t against the fence

"people called me 17 so I guess that's who I am, but right now I want you to leave this man alone"

17 raised his head to meet the mans eyes

when they met gazes the man saw something horrific

his vision turned from reality to complete madness and terror and the only thing that still looked what it originally was, was 17 himself

The man screamed out of complete terror and took off down a nearby alley with complete terror on his face and a mind filled with terror and madness

"thanks" the other man got off the fence

"I don't want thanks, after all, I just killed that guy."

"what but all he did was take off down the alley"

"no that's wrong him running won't help because in the next 24 hours he'll probably kill himself or maybe wind up in an accident all because I took sanity right from under him and filled his eyes with terror, but I didn't want that I just wanted him to leave you alone."

17 grabbed back onto the top of the fence and pulled himself over

this time landing on his back to once again stare at the stars

17 could hear the other mans steps as he walked away, but he didn't ignore them he listened as close as he could until they were completely inaudible

Then returned to his thoughts and stars as if nothing had happened.

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