Crumpled Up Letters Between Us
Crumpled Up Letters Between Us romance stories
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memyselfandu Ask again tomorrow.
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This is a result of listening to Halsey and Melanie Martinez while watching K-dramas about unrequited love, specifically 'Playful Kiss'. The story/poem/whatever you want to call it is something I've had in my Wattpad drafts for awhile.

This is about a one sided love bordering on obsession. The main character speaks about caring for their love and reminding them of their dreams. The line 'Its so easy to see, so hard to comprehend' is the main characters answer as to why they stay in this one sided love. As the MC helps their love through heartache and pain the once one sided love becomes what appears to be 'true love'. However insecurities and outside forces cause rifts in their relationship and the MC becomes the one who needs support. The MC feels as if they are drowning alone as their love shares empty halfhearted words. Realizing that it was still and always would be a one sided love the MC decides to move on and save themselves.

Crumpled Up Letters Between Us

by memyselfandu

You don't see me.

I eat, drink and breathe the words that you dream.

Dont scream when the walls cave in.

Just listen to the letters I breathe out.

It's so easy to see.

So hard to comprehend.


A vice grip on your chin Gazing into you Gazing through you What do you do?

Breathe me in Breathe me out

Listen to the crumpled up letters between us.

Lost in our universe

We breathe under a spell


a vice grip around our throats gazing into us seeing cracks seeing breaks

Seeing all of you Seeing all of me

What do I do?

Breathe you in

Breath you out

You see me

I breathe your words in dreams crack spells break walls cave in

I listen to the words you breathe

Not enough.

The words leave my lungs

and I decide I'm better off.

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