I Won't Give Up On Love
I Won't Give Up On Love kinda hopeful stories

mem14 I'm not a great writer but I try 💜
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It's kind of a hopeful look at the future

I Won't Give Up On Love

I've always wanted love

I've tried many times

I've been used

I've been lied to

Even my first kiss was forced on my lips

And then came you

I saw you in class

I stared and you stared back

What we didn't know was that one day

We would both find the nerve to say

"I love you"

And then later

"I do"

Many years from now during the chaos of our perfectly imperfect family

I will think back to the days I spent crying because some stupid boys took my sense of worth

And I will laugh

Because in the end I have won

And they're most likely dead in a ditch

*Original work so please don't copy

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