Never Go Away — Alacrity
Never Go Away — Alacrity poetry stories
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meltsunriseoath Artist-writer duo.
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I cherish dearly all those lofty dreams [. . .]

Never Go Away — Alacrity

I cherish dearly all those lofty dreams

We left behind to die and fade away.

Alone, I keep them in my broken heart

As relics of our wondrous, perfect past.

Time always heals, but never will redeem.

Another morn, another lonely day.

Routine and toil in these years apart

Become my refuge midst the empty vast.

In searching for our chance to reunite,

My flame ignites! So bright I shine with might.

O, how my heart skips on in joyous beat!

Each step I take feels light beneath my feet.

But soon I stop. My tears fall bittersweet.

If in our youth you told me not to go,

None of these sorrows would I ever know.

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