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Y/N was walking into her new school Sabertooth high. She wore a F/C shirt with matching F/C pants. she had her hair up in a messy bun and had on F/C vans and was trying to find her locker. She mumbles to herself as she is not looking where she was going she runs into someone which makes her drops her books.

Sting X Reader

Y/N was walking into her new school Sabertooth high. She wore a F/C shirt with matching F/C pants. she had her hair up in a messy bun and had on F/C vans and was trying to find her locker.

She mumbles to herself as she is not looking where she was going she runs into someone which makes her drops her books.

''Oh sorry'' she says as she begins to pick up the papers that spilled out of her notebook.

''Here let me help you'' he smiles as he helps her pick her stuff u[ and hands it to her. ''Where are you heading in such a hurry?''

''I'm new here and I was looking for my locker and my first class cause I don't want to be late''

''Let me see your schedule''

Y/N nods and hands him her schedule.

''This is perfect we have every single classes together I'll help you out'' ''I'm Sting and you are?''

''I'm Y/N, Y/N L/N nice to meet you''

You and Sting start walking towards your locker and he waits patiently for you to get what you need, than starts showing you how to get to class.

You turn to sting ''thank you for your help'' you say as you head to an empty seat in the front.

''Anytime'' he smiles as he sits beside you.

You see a girl with short white hair walk in with a guy with short black hair covering half his face, a guy with green hair, and a guy wearing a hat with feathers on it.

''Hey Sting who's that'' the guy with short black hair asks.

''Guys this is Y/N she's new here. Y/N this is Rouge, Orga, Yukino, and Rufus'' Sting introduces.

"Hey guys" you smile as they all dit down in the desks beside and behind you.

Sting was on my left, Rouge was on my right, Orga was behind me, Rufus was behind Sting, and Yukino was behind Rouge. Class startd and you turn to the front to pay attention.


It was time for lunch and you was sitting at a table alone eating your lunch when a girl with black hair walks up to you.

"So your the new kid huh?" She asks.

"Whats it to you?" You ask annoyed.

"Well you look like fresh bait" she grins as she picks you up and throws you against some lockers.

You stand back up and growl "idiot you messed with the wrong nerd" you throw a punch to her face and kick her in the stomach. She doubels over in pain and you walk away.

"Y/N that was amazing!" Sting exclaims.

"Huh? Oh thanks Sting" you say as you walk back to your seat and contiue eating your lunch. You sat alone until Sting comes up to you.

"Mind if I sit here?" He asks.

"No not at all it's better than sitting alone" you say smiling. Sting sits beside you and smiles.

Yukino's POV

''Where's Sting he isn't at our normal table?'' I ask Rouge.

''Look over there'' Rouge says pointing to a table with Y/N and Sting.

''Maybe we should sit at our normal table instead of sitting with them it looks like Sting has developed a crush on Y/N'' I tell Rouge.

''I think your right It looks like Sting is staring at her'' Rouge agrees.

''Look Y/N is staring at Sting too'' I point out.

''We should help them out and tease them later'' Rouge says and I nod.

Sting's POV

After I met Y/N, she's all I can think about. I have no idea why or what's wrong with me but whenever I'm around her my heart flutters and I'm always smiling.

I watch her as I eat my food beside her, she's so pretty, wait Sting stop you can't be thinking like that because she won't like you back. Y/N and I make small talk until lunch is over.

I wonder why the others didn't find me and sit with me, oh well I have Y/N so I don't really care right now.


I could sense Sting staring at me, and I stared back at him. I wonder why he was staring at me tho, I also wonder why I decided to stare at him.

We make small talk until lunch was over, after lunch Sting offered to show me to our next class and I accept his invitation.

The Teacher's POV

''Class today we have a group project that you will be doing in pairs of two'' I explain to them.

''Your partners will be Y/N and Sting, Rouge and Yukino, Orga and Rufus, and other people I don't care about, you have two weeks to complete this project. The project is a parenting program.

Each group will receive a child to take care of for two weeks come by after school to meet them that's all class dismissed'' I tell them.


As soon as class let out I run and meet up with Sting. ''Hey Sting what are we going to do about this project?''

''We gonna get an A!'' Sting exclaims and I giggle.

''That's not what I meant, what are we gonna do about the housing situation during these two weeks''

''Oh um I guess you could come over to my house and live with me and our 'child' for the two weeks that we have her/him'' Sting says.

I try not to blush at the thought of living with Sting for two weeks and just nod.


I meet up with Sting and we walk over to where we will meet our 'child' that we will be taking care of for the next two weeks.

''Oh good your here you two will be taking care of Wendy'' the teacher says as he pushes a child with blue hair towards us.

''She is seven (anyone get the reference hint it has to do with FT) and is very shy.''

''We will take good care of her'' I assure our teacher and I take Wendy's hand and we walk towards Sting's car. ''Hello Wendy I'm Y/N'' I introduce myself to her.

''And I'm Sting'' Sting says.

''Hello'' Wendy says shyly. We get into Sting's car and drive to his house. When you get there you walk inside and look around.

It was a nice little house with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a shower, and than there was posters of anime, which is like really cool that he is also into anime.

There was one thing tho that shocked you, there was pictures of you hanging on his wall. You smile at that and look at Sting who is looking at your nervously.

''I promise I'm not a stalker'' he says quickly when he see's that you saw the pictures of yourself hanging on his wall.

''I just think your cute'' Sting mutters the last part and you barely here him say that.

''I never thought you were a stalker and you think I'm cute?'' you ask him.

He clears his throat and looks at Wendy. ''Wendy this is your room for the next two weeks'' Sting says as he guides Wendy to a cute little room with blue walls, a bed, desk, and a nightstand.

''Thank you Sting'' Wendy says as she walks in and lays down.

''We'll let you get settled in'' Sting says and he walks off towards the living room and I follow. ''Hey Y/N there's something I gotta tell ya''

''Hm? What is it?'' You ask looking at Sting.

''There's only one other bedroom in the house and the couch is broken'' Sting says while looking at the floor and blushing a bit.

''Ok so am I sleeping on the floor?'' You ask confused.

''No you could always sleep in the same bed as me'' Sting mutters.

''Ok that's fine with me'' you say.


''Yea it's not like we're gonna do anything'' you point out.

''Y-yea of course not'' Sting says quickly.

Sting's POV

'Damn that didn't even cross my ind when I offered that we share a bed, what was this girl thinking?' I wonder to myself.

''Come on I'll show you my room'' I say as I take her hand and drag her along. I didn't realize what I was doing until it was too late and her face was redder than a tomato.

''Sorry'' I say quickly and pull my hand away and I swear she looked disspointed.

''N-no it's fine'' she says quickly and we go and look at my room.

Wendy's POV

'Mira-Jane my social worker made sure they found me so I could help get them together, she has been secretly watching them,

and they don't even know who she is yet' I giggle to myself as I lay in my bed thinking of ways to get them together.

'I mean you can tell they like each other and they already look like they are a couple so why aren't they a couple yet?' I wonder.


Sting took my hand and dragged me to his room, and honestly I liked it a lot. My face felt hot altho I don't know why and he let my hand go and I found out that I missed his touch.

''Sorry'' he says quickly.

N-no it's fine'' I say quickly and we continue walking to his room.

When we get to his room I see a bed with red sheets and a red comforter, the walls are white, theirs a desk, and theirs even more pictures of me hanging up.

I blush a little at this and sting looks at me.

''I promise I'm not a creep, your just really pretty'' he says mumbling the last part but I heard him say it.

''Oh um thanks your kinda cute too'' you say blushing a bit.

You hear footsteps ad turn around to see Wendy standing there. ''Oh just kiss already'' she says and you and Sting look at each other and blush.

Wendy walks up and pushes you into Sting and y'all kiss. ''You happy now?'' Wendy shouts out the window.

''Yes thanks Wendy now on to the next ship'' a girl with white hair holding a camera says.

''Wendy who was that?'' you ask.

''Oh that was my social worker Mira-Jane she had me help get y'all two together'' Wendy responds like it was nothing. You look at Wendy and laugh. You than look at Sting and kiss again.

''Y/N will you be my girlfriend?'' Sting asks you.

''Yes, yes, yes'' you shout happily, and with that you three spend quality time together.

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