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Gray X Reader Narrator's POV


Gray X Reader

Narrator's POV

Y/N was a nature dragon slayer. She could easily manipulate plant life to help her in battle.

Y/N was walking home one day when she felt like someone was following her,

thankfully Y/N was in a forest so Y/N shouted ''dragon slayer plant capture'' which made a vine wrap itself around the person following her.


''Who are you and what do you want?'' You ask the stranger that had dark blue hair, and no clothes on.

''Hey what was that for?'' the stranger asks apparently not caring he had no clothes on.

''One you have on no clothes. Two who are you and what do you want?'' I ask turning away.

''When did that happen?'' he mumbles and than looks at Y/N. ''I was trying to help you but I didn't know how to approach you''

''What do you mean help me?'' I ask with an annoyed look on my face.

''I heard something about a dark guild going after you Y/N the nature dragon slayer and I thought I would warn you and invite you to join my guild we could help protect you''

''I don't need protecting'' You shout as you make the vine still holding him go tighter.

''Ow ok I'm sorry if you let me go I'll leave you alone but please think about joining Fairy Tail'' the guy says.

I gasp when I hear that name 'Fairy Tail' that's where Natsu is I can't go there because than he'll see me and I'm not ready for that. He thought I died and I want to keep it that way.

(Natsu is her 'brother' in this because her dragon and Igneel lived together so Y/N and natsu grew up together.)

''How do I know I can trust you?'' You ask.

''I'm Gray from Fairy Tail if you don't believe me find out for yourself'' he answers.

Y/N let's go of him and looks at him ''I don't need your help but thanks for the warning'' you say as you walk off while looking at the ground thinking about stuff.

Gray's POV

''What is this feeling?'' I ask myself as I walk home.

Ever since I looked at Y/N tonight my heart wouldn't stop fluttering, and why did I invite her to join Fairy Tail? I wonder to myself as I lay down in my bed.



Y/N had decided to check out Fairy Tail, you had already took out the entire dark guild that was after you by yourself but you realized something after that guy left,

you realized how lonely you actually was. You decided to buy a cloak and go into Fairy Tail. However as soon as you walked in, a table came flying at you.

''Dragon slayer plant punch'' she shouts breaking the table into pieces. ''Dragon slayer plant dome'' she says as she puts a dome over everyone so the table pieces don't hit anyone.

After it was safe you released the dome and look at the others. ''Where is your master?"

''He's upstairs'' a white hair girl says. You nod and start towards the stairs when a certain SALMON haired dragon slayer stops you.

''How can you use that magic?'' he growls.

''My dragon taught it too me idiot now move'' you say growling back.

''The only person that can use that magic is Y/N tho'' he says his voice softening. Your cloak falls to the ground to reveal your E/C.

You look up at him and smile, but your eyes were traveling the guild looking for a certain ice mage.

''Surprise Natsu I'm actually not dead, now I'm gonna talk to your guild master'' you say as you walk upstairs to talk to him.

Natsu's POV

''I can't believe she's been alive all this time'' I mutter but a stupid ice princess hears me.

''Hey Natsu how do you know Y/N?'' Ice princess asks me. I than explain everything to him and he looks at me.

''Oh ok well I'm gonna wait for her to come back down'' he says.

I wonder why he's waiting on her? I shrug it off thinking it prob wasn't very important.

Gray's POV

'Why did I decide to wait on her to come back down? Am I excited to find out what she's doing here? I don't even know why I care' I think to myself as I wait.

After a few minutes I see her walk downstairs, and she had a big smile on her face.

''Hey Gray sorry for how I acted when we first met'' Y/N says to me as she has a big smile on her face,

''Nah It's fine I deserved it, but uh what are you doing here?' I ask her.

''Oh I took your advice and joined the guild see?'' She says showing me her F/C guild mark.

''That's awesome and now we can help you take down that guild that's been following you''

''Oh no need I already took them down the day after you told me about them''

''You mean you took them down all by yourself there was at least two hundred people in that guild!'' I exclaim shocked that she was that strong.

''Yea and I barely used any magic'' she shrugs like it was no big deal.

''Your just as strong as Erza maybe even stronger'' I exclaim as I lead her to the table that our team sits at.


You walk over to a table with gray that has Natsu, a blond girl, and a red haired girl sitting at the table.

You saw Natsu sneak glances at Lucy and you giggle to yourself, because you also see Lucy looking at Natsu and they was both blushing. You sit down and introduce yourselves.

''Hi I'm Y/N, Natsu's brother'' you say.

''I'm Erza, and this is Lucy. Of course you already know Natsu and it looks like you already know Gray as well'' Erza says wiggling her eyebrows.

You blush a little and sneak a glance at Gray to see him blushing as well.

''That isn't allowed Erza don't encourage them I will not let my sister date that ice princess'' Natsu shouts.

You blush darker than Erza's hair, and you realize why you feel the way you do around Gray. You like him.

''Natsu stop you don't even know if they like each other and Y/N can make her own decisions'' Lucy scolds.

Natsu pouts and growls ''whatever I won't allow it''

I stand up embarrassed and run out of the guild tears falling down my face.

Gray's POV

I was blushing a little about what Natsu said about Y/N liking me but got angry when he made Y/N cry and run out of the guild.

I don't know why I felt like this, is it possible that I like Y/N? I stand up and look at Natsu. ''You idiot look what you did you embarrassed her and made her cry'' I shout at him.

I than turn around and run out after Y/N. I start searching for her, and I finally find her sitting under her plant dome and I hear her talking.

''I like Gray but how can I get around Natsu, and I doubt Gray likes me back, and he most likely thinks I'm a weakling now'' I hear Y/N say while still crying.

I walk up to her and knock on her little dome she created. She slowly lifts the dome just enough for me to walk in than puts it back down.

''Hey don't listen to flame brain he's an idiot''

''Did you hear me talking to myself?'' she asks me. Her eyes were puffy and red.

Should I lie or tell her the truth? I'll tell her the truth. ''Yea I did and just so you know I like you a lot, Natsu doesn't control you and crying doesn't make you weak.

Crying shows just how strong you really are. You don't know who elfman is yet but he thinks everything is manly and as elfman would say'' I make my voice go really deep.

''Crying is manly'' I smile trying to get her to laugh and it works. She laughs a little and smiles a small smile. I wipe her tears away and look at her.

''Do you really like me too?'' she asks me.

''Yes, c-can I k-kiss y-you?'' I stutter and mentally slap myself for stuttering.

''Yes you can'' she says and smiles. I smile as well and grab the sides of her head and I lean in for a kiss. her lips were soft and warm.


Gray pulled my head down and kissed me. His lips were soft but they were also cold but not a bad cold a good cold but I guess that makes sense he was an ice-make wizard.

I smile as we pull apart for air. ''I'm sorry for running out, and I'm sorry about Natsu'' I tell him.

''You have no need to be sorry'' Gray says as he pulls me into his lap. ''Y/N will you be my girlfriend?'' gray asks me.

''Yes I will'' I smile and we sit like that for a few minutes, and Gray looks at me. ''Are you ready to go back inside?'' he asks me.

''Yea let's go'' I stand up and release the plant dome from around us. Gray grabs my hand and we walk together hand in hand and sit at the table with Natsu, Erza, and Lucy.

Natsu growls when he sees me and gray holding hands but Lucy smacks him on the head and he stops and looks at me.

'' Y/N I'm sorry for the way I acted, and if you and Gray want to date y'all can'' Natsu grumbles.

I nod and look at them ''well me and Gray are dating'' I inform them.

''That's awesome I'm so happy for you'' Lucy says.

''About time Gray got a girlfriend'' Erza says smirking.

''Oh yea well what about you and Jellal, when are y'all gonna start dating?'' Erza blushes and I giggle. I look at Natsu and he wasn't looking back at me and his arms was crossed.

He was glaring at Gray.

''If you even think about breaking her heart I will end you'' Natsu growls a very dark aura surrounding him.

''Ok man chill and plus I would never dream of hurting Y/N'' Gray says.

''Oh and Erza Y/N here might be stronger than you she took out at least two hundred people from a dark guild done by herself'' Gray says.

I smile and lean my head on gray's shoulder and he wraps an arm around my waist.

''Oh well we'll see about that'' Erza says smirking as she stands up.

''Yea no thanks I don't feel like fighting'' I tell her.

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