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Levy's POV I was walking to the guild alone because Jet and Droy decided to go on a mission together.

Gale (one-shot)

Levy's POV

I was walking to the guild alone because Jet and Droy decided to go on a mission together.

When I got to the guild I went and sat at a table alone because for some odd reason no one was talking to me today which really sicked because today was my birthday, and everyone knew it too.

After about a few hours I decide that I should just spend the rest of the day at home if no one would even talk to me than what's the point of being here?

As I was walking out Lucy handed me a piece of paper winked and left. I look at the note and it said 'meet me at the park tonight' but no one sighed it.

I sigh and put the paper in my pocket and walk outside, but as I was walking I ran into Gajeel. ''Oh sorry Gajeel'' I say quickly as I turn around to walk away he grabs my wrist.

''Levy wait I want to tell you something'' he says.

I turn around ''what is it?''

He looks at me and blushes ''I-I uh happy birthday''

''Thanks Gajeel that means a lot, but um I gotta go see ya later'' I say quickly as I walk away.

I wish he would have asked me out that's all I want for my birthday is to be with Gajeel but that would never happen I'm just weak and nerdy and small and ugly he would never like someone

like me. I sigh as I walk towards the park.

Gajeel's POV

I see Levy walking out of the guildhall looking upset. I should wait till tonight to talk to her but I can't stop myself. She wasn't looking where she was going and bumps into me.

''Oh sorry Gajeel'' she says quickly as she turns to walk away I grab her wrist.

''Levy wait I want to tell you something''

Levy turns around ''what is it?''

I look at her and blush ''I-I uh happy birthday'' I planned on telling her how I felt but I chickened out.

''Thanks Gajeel that means a lot, but um I gotta go see ya later'' she says quickly as she walks away. I storm into the guildhall.

''Why was Levy upset when she left the guildhall just now?'' I shout.

''We don't know we haven't really talked to her today'' the guild says in unison.

''Why didn't y'all talk to her today don't y'all know what today is?'' I ask pissed off.

''No whats today?'' Mira asks and that sends me over the top.

''It's her birthday you idiots'' I shout.

''Oh crap it is I forgot'' Lucy says.

''Let's get her a surprise party going, Gajeel it's your job to keep her away front he guild until tonight after you meet up with her in the park bring her her, Erza, Lucy,

Natsu,Gray,Happy,Juvia, Wendy, Carla, Romeo,Jellal and Laxus, Freed Bixlow, ELfman, and Evergreen you all have one hour to get her a present from each of you,

afterwards come back and another group will switch jobs with you'' Mira demands.

I nod and run towards Levy. ''Hey Levy wanna go out to dinner?'' I ask her.

''I don't know if I'm feeling up too it sorry Gajeel'' she says as she starts to walk away.

I turn around and grab her wrist ''well than do you want to do something else?'' I ask her and secretly I wanted to spend some alone time with her.

''I don't know''

''Come on let's go to my house and I'll cook you dinner''

''A-alright fine''

I smile and we start walking to my house but as we were walking our hands slowly found there way into each others and we didn't realize. We get to my house and I start cooking.

''Let me help'' Levy demands.

''Nah I don't think I will'' I smirk.

''Fine'' she sits down on my couch and waits for me to finish cooking.


Levy's POV

I look at the time and gasp ''I gotta go I have somewhere to be tonight'' I say as I stand up.

''Oh ok have fun and don't go by the guild'' Gajeel tells me.

I look at him confused but just nods and runs out yelling ''thanks for dinner'' I run to the park and sit on the bench waiting for the mystery person to show up.

Gajeel's POV

As soon as she leaves I start getting everything ready, and rush to the park taking a shortcut. Thankfully I get to the park before she does and I stand there and wait on her.

After a couple of minutes I see her sitting on a bench so I make my way over to her. ''Hey Shrimp''

''Oh hey Gajeel what are you doing here?'' she asks me.

''I'm the mystery person from the note'' I respond smiling.

''Oh really that was you?''

''Yea and uh these are for you happy birthday Shrimp'' I say and hand her a orange bouquet and a present.

''Oh um thanks Gajeel'' she smiles.

''Anytime now let's go to the guild you have a surprise waiting on ya''



''Wait here'' I tell Shrimp. I than walk up and knock seven times. Than I hear seven knocks from the inside telling me we can come in.

(i used 7 because 7 is the cursed number for FT XD) I grab Shrimp's hand and we walk inside.

Levy's POV

''Surprise!'' Everyone shouts and I smile.

''Thanks guys I thought y'all had forgotten what today was''

''Happy Birthday Levy, now time to party''

''Yea!'' I shout. I than pull Gajeel over to where I'm at and we party together till like five in the morning.

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