Teenage Pain
Teenage Pain teenager stories

melodyj ~•°♡ Ï jū§ť ÄĐØŘË ýøū ♡°•~
Autoplay OFF   •   7 days ago
Welp this is strange, I don't think this was any good though lol

Teenage Pain

You say you do us well But that's why we rebell We don't like to compel But it's hard to not feel hell

No matter how much we say we don't care That's just not true If you can look past our thick layer You'll see that we feel blue

That once was child in still in there Yearning to be heard And yet no one could hear it anywhere

You see we're not as mean and unjust as you think We're simply lost at heart whenever we blink That keeps us from sleeping a mere wink

This teenage pain can be cured if you'd just care Not if you just shout and stare So please be there to help and care

(Okay, first time trying to rhyme in a poem, hope that was good-ish, so um yeah bye)


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