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No poem, no song, no story, just simply what I think about

My thoughts

I was bored and just thought to of doing this, some of this stuff is my theory on things, geeky stuff, weird, geeky, scary, stuff, enough stalling, here we go!

Maybe the reason we feel like we sleep for less than five minutes is because while the brain and body is asleep we lose the ability to determine time

If I were to pass away, who would be the one to be happy about it?

Have I caused more anger than happiness?

Maybe the reason we shouldn't time travel is because it would probably be the same as being in an alternate dimension, or a parallel universe, our atoms would most likely give out, and we would..Well, pass away

If I changed something in my past, would that change my whole life, or someone else's life?

Someone around the world is reading the exact same sentence, word, and punctuation that you are

We could've been our siblings

Light travels faster than sound, what if we were able to make sound turn into light, would they be going at the same speed, or slower?

I'm an insomniac, but my body feels tired, but I don't feel tired in general, how does that work? (Seriously, how does that work? If you know, please tell me!)

That's all, bai!!

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