My process for the MAIJ Talk Show
My process for the MAIJ Talk Show process stories
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What I do for my interviews

My process for the MAIJ Talk Show

My friend asked me

Ahm, heh

First, I message them or they message me, we talk a little bit before we start, (Usually I do the picrew while talking, sometimes after)

I do that so they can feel a bit more comfortable answering my questions

Wouldn't want them to be uncomfortable!

Then we get onto the actual interview!

After that, I compliment them, yada, yada, yada.

Then I starting copying and pasting the questions and answers, I put the picrews in their spot.

Fix up some word mistakes

Try to make the beginning before I introduce them, funny

Or at least enough to get a chuckle

Make another picrew

Skim through it, make sure I missed nothing

Do some touch ups

And look through the convo to make sure nothing was missed

I then do the desc and tags, lastly

I fix up my attitude and my sleepiness and turn it into a happy smile!

That's all I do!


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