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A new guest! @livinglife!

MAIJ Talk Show (PT.3)

I have nothing better to do, so we're having my friend Alessia

AKA @livinglife join us!

Hey, Alessia!


How are ya?

Pretty good, how are YOU?

I'm good!

Nice, nice, soooo, now what?

Hahah! Everything you say is gonna go onto my post!

Wait- Really? Wait, what? Holy crap, you didn't say THAT!!

I just did silly!


I have a question!


What's up with your post "One More Step"? Why did it seem genuinely sad, like you were sad we you made it?

Because I was, I like to let my emotions flow through me when I'm making something

I felt sad, so I made it sad

I see

What made you so sad that you wrote about suicide?


-Wait, this is going onto your post, you do realize I'm seen as a cheerful, happy, and silly girl, correct?

Yes, I know, but why do you have to be seen as that girl all the time?

Because if people see you sad or think you're sad they'll ask the one question that hardly anyone answers truthfully to

"Are you okay?"



Do you mind giving us a short poem? Sad preferably.


Within these walls, they contain my secrets.

Lies I have told seep through the cracks.

Scars of our broken love shine through the glass windows.

Trapped in a world where nothing is real, yet I still long to be with what I cannot keep.

So I shall forever hold my peace, crying in silence.

Wow, that hit me hard

That's all! Thanks for joining us!

My pleasure! Bye!

That's all, see you all next time on..

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