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melodyj ~•°♡ Ï jū§ť ÄĐØŘË ýøū ♡°•~
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@skittlesboyo is on the show now! I'm getting more people! :p

MAIJ Talk Show

Hiya! Today we have someone very interesting!

But everyone who comes on here is interesting.

*Cough amazing picrew cough*


It's true though...

YOU'RE GONNA GET ME CANCELED! Let's just start..

Today we have @skittlesboyo (Just reading the name makes me hungry T^T)

How are you today?

A bit stressed and still a little nervous-

It's okay! Just relax. (Don't be fooled by the nice sentence I'm a weirdo in disguise!!)

Alright, I'll try.

Any favorite writers?

Yes! @bokutos_babyowl, @rowan0530, for Commaful, and physical books, R.L. Stine and Dr.Suess. I have no shame.


Lol, I perfer Paula Hawkins

Interesting, I don't believe I've heard of her, I'll be sure to check her books out.

You won't be disappointed!

Okay, ever had purple cotton candy?

I don't believe so.

It tastes the same, but the color is what draws me in!

It does sound interesting, even if it's just a color change!


Is there a certain place you'd like to visit?

Um, my room is pretty good-

Or there was one place, a pretty old park, my and my step-brother called the, "Swamp"

and we really liked to go there. Sadly, it was spray painted on a lot of the equipment there.

That sounds nice! You seem rather introverted..?

Sort of- Unless you surround me with people I really know.

Hm, oh! I have name now!

You're an introverted extrovert!


Last question

Do you enjoy pretzels?

Y e s.

But I like Chocolate covered Pretzels more-

Eek! I'm hungryyy!!


I want me some Skittles TwT

I am gonna eat food as soon as the outro for this thing is done!

XD Have fun!

Okay, thank you so very much for joining me!

Thank you for having me, it was really fun!

See you all next time on...!!

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