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melodyj ~•°♡ Ï jū§ť ÄĐØŘË ýøū ♡°•~
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Yeah, when I asked this dude to come on I knew I needed to actually get paid u.u

MAIJ Talk Show

Hello my dear flowers

Today we have my big brother Martin (@martinj) (His answers are so short, he can be very introverted -.-)

Show him some love! (Or not either is fine, I don't really like him either)

Hi, Martin, how are ya?

I'm fine


What's your favorite color?


Why's that?

It reminds me of nature, I may not seem like it, but I really do love it, it's so peaceful and quiet

I don't like silence, I always liked sounds

People who don't like silence usually don't take the time to listen

Neither do you, you don't listen to me

Your favorite animal is an owl, you love butterflies, your favorite color is pink, you like sweet things, you love to read, and write..

I do listen, you just never noticed

I take it back

What're your favorite video games?

COD, FIFA, Rocket League, Outlast, and Amnesia

That's a lot

If you could be anyone, who would you be?

I'm not sure, I've never wondered what'd it be like

Well, so much time in your head-space and you've never wondered?

Yeah, I honestly don't care who I am, or what I am, as long as I'm alive

You're so weird..

Let's be real here, who isn't? We've all done weird stuff


Who's your favorite artist, as in music?

James Arthur

Favorite band?



Cool! Thanks for not arguing with me right away! Thanks for joining me!

Yeah, bye

See you all next time on~ (No side by side, personally requested by Martin -.-)

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