"Bsf's Crush"
"Bsf's Crush" crush stories

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I'm moving on to sharing people's stories, not mine, they share anonymously

"Bsf's Crush"

Ok, so in fifth grade my best friend liked this boy, he was my basketball partner, so I said I'd put in a good word for her.

We'll call him Mason.

So my bsf we'll call her Marley!

Really liked him, like REALLY liked him.

Me being me I set them up during lunch!!

This is where it goes south.

He asked if I was going to be there.

So I was like "Yeah sure whatever".

And I ended up having them sit together and I got up pretending to go get a napkin.

The dumbass followed me saying he could help get A FRICKIN NAPKIN!!!

Now understand that I didn't like him, he was just my b-ball partner.

I never liked him, or thought of him that way, this was the first time I realized he liked me.

So this dude offers to walk me home after school, this is when I straight up tell him that Marley likes him.

He doesn't give a fuck and says "Oh that's cool.."

Like it's nothing, now this pisses me off.

So, as we pass an alley and he's just jabbering about random shit.

And next thing I know I hear a dog! I thought it was cute but he was all over the place..


And so he told me to run. I took this as an offer to get away from him.

Then he catches up to me this is when I say "I don't like you, my friend does, now stop playing Romeo for me and get that through your thick head!".

So he walks away and says "You damn bitch, you'll never find another like me.".

I told him that was the point.

Never saw that damn jerk again.

And guess what! I'm 15 and I have a girlfriend! Stupid ass thought I was straight! Assumptions assumptions.

Ah, I love it when things go amazingly!

That's all, bye!!!


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