"Broken Trust"
"Broken Trust" sad stories
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melodyj Candy, candy, CANDYYY!!!
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Another story (Yes It's True) From a 13 year old girl who was hurt by the person she least expected it from.

"Broken Trust"

My trust was pushed to a limit 5 years ago....

My trust was pushed to a limit 5 years ago.... By my father..

He did things that violated my trust.

It went on for 2 years, it started when I was 6..

Being that age I thought it was normal..

Until he told me to keep it a secret, his exact words were "Don't tell anyone, this is a game only we can play".

I knew something was wrong then.

I told him I didn't like the 'game' but he simply replied with "Learn to like it"

Those words always stuck to me, every night for 2 years I cried myself to sleep, I felt unclean.

One night I woke up to him stripped of his clothes, I began to cry because I knew what was going to happen.

All he ever gave me in return for my innocence and childhood was candy..

But he didn't even think for a second that he should stop.

Whenever my mother and sister weren't home he'd touch me..

Make me do things to him..

I cried and begged for him to stop..

When my mother and sister were leaving one day, I begged to go with them, I got on my knees and cried for her to take me.

But she didn't, this made him furious, he whipped me that day. I had red marks on my back. He made sure to never hit me where it showed.

Then he started verbally abusing me, calling me lazy, fat, ugly, worthless.

One day I had enough, I worked up the courage, anger, fear, every emotion I had for those two years, and told my mother, she thought I was lying until I showed her.

I showed her the red marks on my back, on my thighs, and on my stomach.

She called the police and went down to file a report.

He was arrested, but he waited in the house for 42 hours.

I now live with my mother and sister, everyday I think about what he did, I live in fear, always scared that when I turn a corner he'll be waiting.

I'm scared to fall asleep, scared that when I wake up he'll be there.

I remember like it was yesterday, because you can't just forget when something like that happens, it sticks with you.

No matter how young, the thoughts and every moment sticks with you..

I never want anyone to experience the pain and suffering that I did, I'm slowly getting better, but I know there are others, please tell someone..

Nothing is going to get better if you keep quiet..

Thank you for reading! (I almost cried when she told me)

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