Pale Eyed Girl. Part 5
Pale Eyed Girl. Part 5 love stories

melody_brook123 Like it or dont. I dont care.
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He works up the courage and... Read this small series to find out!!

Pale Eyed Girl. Part 5

"Bryce! Get up! Someone's here to see you!" its my mom, she's yelling. I get out of bed, well, I'm still half asleep so I roll out of bed and hit the floor.

I stand up but everything's spinning, and once I get my balance, the memory's of yesterday became visible again: Kate's voice recording, and mine in return.

I go to the closet and grab a pair of jeans "Bryce! Get down here, now!" then I hear a smaller voice, so quiet I barely could hear it, "Its ok, if he's busy. I can come another time."

Then I realize who that voice belongs to: Kate... And I also realize that I don't want her to come back another time.

So before I head downstairs I stop in the bathroom, look into the mirror and try fix my hair. I don't know why but all of a sudden I feel self-conscience.

My face is red from sleeping and my hair is a mess but I don't have time to fix it so I run down stairs.

I stop in-front of the two and look at Kate, and moms watching pretty intensely so I say, "Do you um want to come to my room?"

she glances all over my face with a small smile, like she's looking at all the evidence that proves I just woke up "sure."

We walk slowly up the stairs while I'm trying to remember if I left anything on the floor of my bedroom. She walks in and sits on the bed like she did it a hundred times.

"Bryce, we need to talk." An order, not a request. "okay."

She seems flustered she blushes then looks to the floor "Can you shut the door?" I'm surprised by this question but I get up and shut the door.

Comment for part 6!!! =Mels=

I sit next to her on the bed she looks into my eyes and I look into hers. I want to kiss her and this isn't the only time I felt like this, but I could never bring myself to do it.

She's the first one to look away, then she says "Bryce, I'm moving in two days... and its not like I'm only moving a town away or anything."

She looks toward my face, and there's sadness clouding her eyes. "we're moving to Chicago."

My heart stops, Chicago's four hours away! "But ill never see you again!"

"That's not true, we'll see each other it just won't be that often." I cant tell if she's trying to convince me or herself.

Her eyes are filling with tears but she wipes them away, one escapes her pale eyes and go's down her cheek, and without thinking I put my hand on her cheek and let my thumb wipe it away.

It feels so incredibly smooth. We stare into each others eyes. and with out thinking I lean in, close my eyes and...

she breaks away from me. "Bryce, I'm sorry but..." then she stands up and leaves me there thinking of how big of an idiot I am. I hear my mom asking her if she wants to stay for breakfast, but she's pretty desperate to get going.

But I want to chase her down the street, across the world if I have to, if that means I could be with her. I just want to be with her.

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